Looking Through Our Archives with Joseph Kaufman

Joseph Kaufman recommends a selection of stories from EDF’s archives.

This is roughly a month’s worth of stories that caught my eye (and memory), 33 stories:

They are in no particular order, though the older the story and the closer to the top of the list means I remembered it by name or from a related story earlier on (so I must really dig it).

Otherwise, I simply glanced through every “Table of Contents” post back to February of 2011 (when I started). I am sure there are great stories before then (at least three books worth, in fact! *smile*), but I don’t have time to read brand new pieces for this endeavor.

And strangely enough, I think all 33 are by unique authors.

One other cool way to find stories is to view the old “Top Stories” lists. How can that be done?

The WayBack Machine: https://web.archive.org/web/20110204095829/http://www.everydayfiction.com/features/top-stories/

That dials up what the EDF “Top Stories” page looked like in February of 2011, and you can use the little graph at the top of the page to go further forward or back in time (assuming the page had hits and was being archived by the WBM). I used those lists to find 4-5 stories I had forgotten about.

Joseph Kaufman lives in the Madison area with his beautiful wife, lovely daughters, a cat, and his collection of over 1,250 beer bottles. He is the Applications Development Manager for the world’s largest rodenticide company. He has done a fair bit of writing and reading in online communities and contests, and completed his first paid editing job in 2015.

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