Some Good News At Last

Dear Readers, Authors, and Friends of EDF,

We finally have some good news for you.

Our new submission system has taken a bit longer to be ready than anticipated, but it has now been confirmed that our early alpha group of test authors will be able to register with the system and submit stories within the week, by next Monday (March 7th) at the latest.

For those of you not already following this drama in our EDF Roundtable group on Facebook, “early alpha” means the first group of testers, before a public beta release. A small group of dauntless authors have volunteered to be the first ones into the system, prepared to deal with whatever unexpected bugs and glitches might come up. They (and our editorial team) will be testing the system with real submissions, which means that shortly thereafter we should have some stories to publish for you.

Then, once that first batch of submissions has survived the process and we’re confident that the system can handle heavier activity, we’ll open it up to everyone else for the public beta phase.

In the meantime, over the next couple of weeks as we open the system and collect enough accepted stories to start publishing again, we have a plan: let’s dig through our archives together. We’ll be presenting lists of personal favourites and recommendations from our editorial team to get you started, and we might even get some of our friends and long-time authors to share EDF reading lists as well. Many thanks to K.C. Ball for the suggestion!

This will be an exciting few weeks for us…

Camille Gooderham Campbell
Managing Editor


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