SNOWMAN • by Shaun Simon

A snowman was murdered last night.

Tire tracks ran across the front lawn.

This murder wasn’t on the 10 o’clock news or on the front page of the paper this morning.

There wasn’t even a tiny blurb in the local paper.

Nobody cares about a snowman, right?

It’s just a bunch of snow rolled into balls with some sticks and rocks, probably made by a kid.

Maybe this kid had nothing better to do.

Or maybe he waited all year for the first snowfall.

Maybe his eyes lit up during math class when the first flakes fell.

Maybe he was the first outside waiting for his mom when the principal called an early dismissal.

A little boy rushing into his house and back out in less than a minute with his snowsuit on.

Spending the entire day gathering, shaping, and creating until it was perfect.

Too excited for dinner, he spent the time calling his grandparents and friends to tell them about his snowman, while he stared out his front window at it. They all came by this morning to see it.

When the little boy woke up at the crack of dawn in excitement, threw his boots and snowsuit on, and ran out the door… maybe he sat and cried.

A snowman was murdered last night.

Tire tracks ran across the front lawn.

This murder wasn’t on the 10 o’clock news or on the front page of the paper this morning.

There wasn’t even a tiny blurb in the local paper.

Nobody cares about a snowman, right?

Shaun Simon is an American comics writer. He is currently writing The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys with Gerard Way for Dark Horse Comics.

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  • Very touching.

    One typo – “he starred out his front window” should read “he stared out his front window” – but apart from that, a nice piece.

  • I bet that story was true life? I missed the typo.

  • This is like modern art in prose – not the typical form, none of the old, recognizable shapes. It’s new and refreshing. Plus, it’s altogether a charming story. Wonderful!

  • I have the day off from work today, so I’m not rushing around as usual, feeling like I can’t even read a very short story. I’m so glad I read this one! It drew me in immediately and held my attention throughout. It’s concise and moving.

  • Very cool piece.

  • Tawni

    I guess I should have thought about that when I ran over that snowman last night.

  • Janie B

    Ahh, that is a lovely little piece. I saw myself as a small girl doing just the same thing, the building, the attention to detail, the satisfaction of a job well done and the sadness when my created ‘friend’ either melted or was knocked down by someone. But hey….that’s life I guess <3

  • Laurie Close

    A great piece – Very different. Agree with Debi Blood, the imagery is wonderful and very well layed out with each sentance.

  • Margie

    Beautifully written! And sad. 🙁 Did this happen to you?

  • Typo corrected; thanks, Ian!

  • A big ol’ thumbs up from me. Layered simplicity, a new flavor with every lick. Nice job.

  • Rick

    Made my heart go Thumpetty thump thump.

  • Lintu

    So sad. I’ve never seen snowmen like this. Writings like this makes you see normal things in a whole different way

  • Nicola Webb

    Pure genius!

  • Agustina

    Awwww… poor snowman, and poor kid too..
    It´s a very sad history … Frankie, you make me cry with this .. =( … haha
    I love you…

    Kisses for you and the guys, and for all the mcr babies too…


    Agu Twitter: Aguusstinitta follow me

  • Douglas Campbell

    Wonderful piece! Reminds us of the things that really matter.

  • AngelRebellion

    This is wonderful, serves as a reminder to us all that we should never forget the simple things that gave us such joy when we were young, and how the smallest disappointments were like the end of the world. We get older, become hardened, jaded, and the little kid inside us dies off piece by piece, one more casualty of adulthood.

    First snowfall this year, I’m making a snowman with my kids. I need to see life through their eyes again.

    Thanks, Shaun.

  • Angelic Nevans

    i think this snowman shold be on the news!

  • It must be good. I’ve never seen a story get 160 votes half a day.

    I think the compactness of the prose is in line with the writer’s usual genre of Comic Books/Graphic Novels.

    For me, though, this is such a good story, it would’ve benefited by an expansion of prose.

    It’s all tell and no show. The repetition of the first five lines as the last five lines totally did not work for me. Barely average in my few.

    But… 160 votes in a half day, knocking on a perfect five, so what do I know.

  • er….. view.

  • J.P.

    I like it. But you didn’t make me cry man…almost, but means nothing. Cuz’ i didn’t!

  • Jen

    This was full of charm and wondefully painted images from a child’s point of view. Reminds me of the British cartoon “The Snowman” that my grandpa used to borrow for me from his public library. I definitly neede a dash of wintry charm on this spring day. I gave it a five.

  • alejandra

    awww!!! i love it!!
    but is sad at the moment

  • Jen Gill

    Awesome!!!! Love it!!!

  • Alison

    Reminds me a lot of the old Christmas cartoon The Snowman.. nearly cried reading that. Never made a snowman, but wow.

  • The reason that this story is getting so many votes (high votes too) is that Frank_Iero the rhythm guitarist from My Chemical Romance maked a post about it on his twitter account and it was cross posted to the bands website (

    Its a great story and I enjoyed it and i’m glad others did too.

  • Jacab

    This is a terrific piece. The fact that someone in a band liked it well enough to post about it and tell people they should read it is a great complement and really gives me hope in modern music. Let’s bring as many people as we can into webistes like this one.

  • This should be a high school literature text!

    Plenty for youngsters to talk about and discuss.

    Excellent stuff.

  • Maru

    mm.. I dont like it, I dont care about a snowman

  • Patricia Marie

    might if I share this?

    ‘Strikes every little heart who understands.

  • Gir

    To Jacab, that Gerard Way guy that is at the end of the story is the lead singer of My Chemical Romance… just letting you know.

  • cho

    maybe this kid will learn something then: never build a snowman in the front lawn, because somebody who not care may kill it.

  • ebonylox

    I love it. Such a great story which, to me, is about how we should have respect for others’ creativity and hard work.

  • This is a very pleasant if sad story? Who cares about the murder of a snowman? Why, the little boy who created him. It’s funny how we adults stop caring about the very simple things. I guess we do have to grow up. Still, we lose something that children have when we accept our adulthood. It’s all right here in this story.

  • Jude

    Shaun Simon is a creative powerhouse! How fortunate he shared one of his works here for us.

  • Frankie Runge

    This poem actually made my eyes well up. It reminds me of years and years ago when a times were happier. This poem could mean so much for anyone, and there could be so many underlying themes; I love it. I now want to go into highschool next year and introduce my new english tracher to this amazing writer. And I really wanna read Killjoys, too. Gerard is an amazing artist and he has an amazing mind.

  • Rosa

    Great job Shaun, took me back to my sons childhood. So much wonder, energy and innocence! I remember exact moments, (seeing it in their eyes) when some of that innocence was stripped away. The realization of how life goes! Trying to make the blow softer, but still letting them learn the lesson. Keep on writing, God bless you!

  • Finally a piece of microfiction I’ve enjoyed. That was beautiful. Poetic storytelling.

  • MCRlover

    Sad. 🙁

  • Taylor

    this story has inspired me to write a song about this and i will perform it in from of the whole world. nobody will ever look at a snowman the same way ever again

  • Tony Sakalauskas

    Tracks? What do you mean by tracks?

  • tiffany

    a great piece
    it happens everyday
    the first time i was very sad, as which was my first snowman,
    but now i don’t have any felling,
    it take me back to the days when i was in australia

  • Andrew Sultan

    That was a very sweet story, by the way I’ve wrote a story for this site that sort of like this but it’s about a snow angel, it’s called The Snow Demon.

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  • Gabx

    Such a good story,loved it

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  • Robert L

    Really enjoyed the simplicity of the story as well as the deep meaning conveyed – lost by so many who are so busy.

  • Mon Lang

    Someone built a snow castle on the grass verge alongside the main road. It was brilliant. Every day, more turrets, more windows and a doorway arch which children could walk through, and finally, flags. Someone pinched the flags, then the castle didn’t just melt quietly away. It got kicked down before its time. That didn’t make the news either.

  • Ozzysister

    Shaun, I read this last year but didn’t realize you wrote it, I LOVED IT THEN and LOVE IT NOW!!

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