THE SEEK • by K.J. French

We had such an exciting day. Before the sun rose, my mother woke me up to help her look for my sister. We had been playing hide-and-go-seek before we were put to bed, but she must have been too excited to wait to finish our game in the morning.

“Michael, do you know where Elise is? You need to tell Mama where Elise is!” Of course, I wasn’t going to tell her where she was! I couldn’t! I didn’t even know where she was hiding this time; she was always the best at it. For some reason, my mother really wanted to win today… And the day after that, and the day after that. We played hide-and-go-seek in the park, in all the local stores – my mother even let me skip school to play. I told her to just give up, that Elise would have to come out eventually, but she kept looking. The longer she looked, the more frantic she became. Boy, was Elise going to be in trouble when our mother finally found her.

It was getting closer to noon on the fourth day of her search and my stomach began to rumble. “I want lunch. Can we eat lunch? Maybe if we start making food, Elise will smell it and come out to eat,” I said to my mother. Mother must not have been hungry, because she simply gave me a solemn look and continued to stare at the phone. I wonder who she was expecting to call. Maybe she was waiting for Daddy to call. He was even better at hide-and-go-seek than Elise was.

At the end of the day, my mother put me in bed and told me that we didn’t need to look for Elise anymore. “Honey, I don’t think that we are going to find her,” she said with tears in her eyes. Poor mother was very upset that she did not win again. I bet Elise and Daddy are hiding together. They are the best at this game.

K.J. French writes in New York, USA.

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