September’s Table of Contents

We are proud to present the Table of Contents for Every Day Fiction’s September issue. We have a nice mix of first time writers and seasoned pros, writing in genres as diverse as fantasy, contemporary literary fiction, humor, and more. What these stories all have in common is stylish writing, vivid characterization, and stunning imagination.

Camille and I have tried to schedule stories so that there will be something for everyone, but the wonderful thing about web publishing is that we’ll be posting “category” links at the bottom of every story denoting its genre. Andrew LeBlanc’s story, “Scientists”, for instance, is a sci-fi comedy. At the bottom of that story, we’ll have links for both “Sci-Fi” and “Comedy”. Click on those links, and Every Day Fiction will display every story of those genres in its archives. The magazine will, in effect, tailor itself to your tastes!

So without further delay, we present to you the authors and stories that will be appearing in September, and the date that they will be published.

Sept 1 Andrew LeBlanc Scientists
Sept 2 Jeanne Holtzman How’s the Beef
Sept 3 Sarah Hilary Lolita’s Lynch Mob
Sept 4 Peter Tupper Rootless
Sept 5 Michael D. Turner Teller of Tales
Sept 6 K. A. Patterson The Mud Room
Sept 7 James Boone Dryden In A Flash
Sept 8 Ryan Fowler Chasing Ghosts in Black Holes
Sept 9 Suanne Warr Sweet Revenge
Sept 10 Beth Langford I Quit!
Sept 11 Katherine Shaw Sawmill Road
Sept 12 Heidi Ruby Miller The Surrender
Sept 13 River T. Huffman The Reliever
Sept 14 Martha Conte Second Time Around
Sept 15 John M. Whalen The Dacuna
Sept 16 Resha Caner If You Can’t Beat Big Brother, Annoy Him
Sept 17 Lyndon Perry Spam Fiction
Sept 18 Scurvy Bastard The Threshold
Sept 19 Kathleen Mack Truth
Sept 20 Anthony J. Rapino The Transformation
Sept 21 Avis Hickman-Gibb The Lesson
Sept 22 Selena Thomason Anonymous
Sept 23 Mike Hood The Therapist’s Apprentice
Sept 24 Christopher Kastensmidt Between the “Sheets”
Sept 25 Oonah V Joslin The Higgs Boson
Sept 26 Ernest Dempsey The Soul of Judas
Sept 27 Ed Morawski Invasion
Sept 28 Amy Silver Kitty
Sept 29 R. L. Copple The Cold Truth
Sept 30 Michael A. Kechula Transformations
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