PALE ILLUSION • by Patricia J. Dorantes Ham

One day, he got tired of all of the dust that was lying inside of his soul. Tired of that familiar feeling, he decided: don’t wait until the next day to leave for good. Having packed a good bunch of moments inside of an old suitcase, he let out a small sigh before opening the door. For a moment, he wanted to turn back, and at least write a small note telling them about his decision, but the wind was already calling his name. Outside the wind was blowing sweetly, like trying to mumble a sweet ballad for an imaginary lover. The moon was shining in a breathtaking way, like if it were some kind of precious stone.

He looked at that marvelous silver mirror, and then knew what he had to do. It was weird, but that beautiful image made him feel a childlike happiness inside of his tormented heart.  Giving it no more thought, he took a huge leap in the dark, and went to chase the moon. He knew that it was no easy task, but certainly, it was better to spend a life trying to reach a pale mirage than crying in loneliness, like he used to do it.

Tomorrow, some might start looking for him, but they are never going to locate his physical presence in the Earth. His spirit still lingers in the nocturnal air, aiming to get a small taste of love in the arms of a goddess who covers with her starry cap the dreams of all the humans.

Patricia J. Dorantes Ham was born in Mexico City in November 1989. She is currently working as a freelance writer and translator. Her short stories appear in several publications in Spain and Mexico.

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