NO COMPROMISE • by Mel Fawcett

They hadn’t even ordered any food yet and Kate was already wishing she had stayed at home. Her date, older than his photograph, was lecturing her on a film that she “ought to see”. Is this what she had bought a new dress for? His voice had become a meaningless drone.

She welcomed the sight of a young couple entering the restaurant. The girl was dressed in a white neoprene top which barely covered her fulsome breasts and her skirt was so short that when she sat down her thighs were exposed. Kate couldn’t help smiling. Despite the girl’s full-on appearance, she was attractive.

“There’s irony for you,” her date said, having noticed her inattention. “Dressed in white, who’s she kidding?”

Kate frowned. Although she had enjoyed his bitingly funny emails, he wasn’t as funny in the flesh — just biting.

She noticed that even when he resumed the lecture he often glanced at the girl. As did some of the other diners. Kate could almost hear the disapproving whispers. It was that kind of restaurant. His kind of restaurant. The young couple appeared unconcerned and were clearly enjoying each other’s company.

“Someone ought to warn the little tart about dressing like that,” he said, interrupting himself again.

“Yes, someone ought to say something,” Kate said, getting up.

“Not you!” he said. “For God’s sake, sit down. She’s making enough of an exhibition without you adding to it.”

Ignoring him, Kate went over to the young couple and addressed the girl. “Forgive me for interrupting you. I just wanted to say… You really are quite special and I am extremely envious.”

The girl blushed slightly. “Why, thank you,” she said.

“And you,” turning to her companion, “are a very lucky young man.”

He exchanged glances with the girl, and then smiled. “Yes, I know,” he said.

And with that, Kate walked out of the restaurant without so much as a backward glance.

Mel Fawcett lives in London. His stories have appeared in various print and online magazines, including Brilliant Flash Fiction, Interpreter’s House, The Nonconformist Magazine, Scribes Micro, The Drabble, and Microfiction Monday Magazine.

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