NEWS: Animism Collaborative Fiction Competition

Every Day Publishing is delighted to be working with Zeros 2 Heroes Media on this exciting opportunity for you to be a part of a television show’s official canon and see publication in The Book of the Emissaries alongside a group of impressive pro writers. We’re providing editorial support and will be publishing the winning stories in a special section of the Every Day Fiction website.

If you’ve ever been interested in tie-in writing, television, or publication in company with Cat Rambo, Nick Mamatas, Kevin J. Anderson, Steven Savile, and more, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to write in the world of Animism: The Gods’ Lake.

Please do be sure to read the Rules & Guidelines carefully and completely, especially if you haven’t done tie-in work before — some of the rights and rules are a little different than you’ll be used to from magazines since you’ll be working with intellectual property belonging to the television show.

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