May’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Thank you for your patience with our delayed start this month. As some of you may know, Google stopped supporting the login system version used by our submissions database, locking out hundreds of authors and half our editorial team for about a week before the issue could be resolved.

These things always happen at the busiest times! On April 20th, Every Day Novels launched the serialization of Captain Bartholomew Quasar and the Space-Time Displacement Conundrum by Milo James Fowler. Check it out — the first five chapters are free to read on the site. We’ve had several Captain Quasar stories here at EDF, and the good captain has also popped up at other fine fiction joints around the internet. If you’re a fan, come on over.

For Readers

We’d really hoped for something cosmic, maybe some space opera, for May the 4th… but since nothing quite like that came our way this month, we give you “Liver Oil” by Van Zeller, which at least has some of the atmosphere of a certain cantina. You could also check out a classic EDF story from back in 2008, “The Only Difference Between Men and Boys” by Nicholas Ozment

It was hard to choose something for Memorial Day, being a Monday. Not wanting to start a week with something too depressing, we chose “The Report” by Buddy Shay, as it has some humorous notes but also features the death of a serving officer. We have a couple of other stories this month that could have served well on the day, but they’re just too grim for a Monday; here’s a nod of recognition to “Flares” by Tim Hanson and “Black Water” by Matthew Lavin.

For Writers

We are very sorry to see Jim Harrington step down as managing editor of Flash Fiction Chronicles. He has given his time and energy over an amazing two years of leading and supporting FFC’s mission to help in the growth of quality flash fiction and lead discussion of the art and craft of flash fiction, fiction in general, and the issues of writing, marketing, and publishing today. As it was with founding editor Gay Degani, Jim cannot be replaced or substituted for, but we’re hoping to find a new volunteer (or team of volunteers) to step up and carry on FFC’s work (if you think this might be a good fit for you, contact us for an interview). Jim leaves us with a month of articles scheduled for May, so no lights are going out quite yet. In the meantime, please join me in thanking Jim for all the time and energy and care he gave to FFC over the past two years.

And now we move along to the stories we have for you this month…

May’s Table of Contents

May 4 Van Zeller Liver Oil
May 5 Walt Giersbach Stella’s Chili
May 6 Kira Plummer The Education of Jimmy Cooke
May 7 LB Thomas Claws
May 8 Sara Roberts Fixing Things
May 9 Jared Golub Fire Water
May 10 Gustavo Bondoni A Lot to Talk About
May 11 Andrea LoFiego Breakfast
May 12 Hermine Robinson Thrift Store Princess
May 13 D. Quentin Miller Life Without Wishes
May 14 Nicholas Olson Neat Piles
May 15 Matthew Lavin Black Lake
May 16 Scott T. Harker Dumb Debbie
May 17 Bernard Reed At the Moment of the Giraffe
May 18 Aaron Emmel Jacob Gayne, Vice President
May 19 Jessi Cole Jackson Lady Cintron and the Bull
May 20 Steven L. Peck Tales from Pleasant Grove
May 21 C.M. Gabbett Her Number
May 22 Tim Hanson Flares
May 23 Kristin Lea Berry Goodbye, Mick
May 24 Georgene Smith Goodin Unwrapped
May 25 Buddy Shay The Report
May 26 M. E. Hopkins Object Lessons
May 27 Sean Hill The Baleful Tome
May 28 Justin Eells Bonzo’s
May 29 Terry Ibele Red
May 30 Clint Wastling Monsieur Alphonse’s Garden
May 31 J. J. Roth Barden Bernick, Living the Dream
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