Looking Through Our Archives with Camille Gooderham Campbell

Camille Gooderham Campbell recommends a selection of stories from EDF’s archives.

First of all, I’m beyond pleased to be able to report that we’ve accepted a handful of new stories thus far for your April reading pleasure; an April editorial with details and new information will be posted Monday (April 5th) because it just seems wrong to start our new phase of publication on April Fools’ Day tomorrow.

While we’ve been working on EDF’s new submission system, I’ve also been looking back through our archives for some stories to share with you.

For this round of recommendations, I’m going back to our first four years of publication for some old favourites. Perhaps another time I’ll add to this list with selections from our later years, but for the moment I’ve just considered stories we published from September 1, 2007 to August 30, 2011.

I truly struggled to choose only ten stories from each year, and to limit myself to one per author — so remember that you can click on the author tag at the bottom of each story to see what else is in our archives. These are listed in the order in which they were published.

They are my personal selections. These stories spoke to me, and still do, strongly enough to be remembered half a decade or more later. I hope you enjoy them too.

From our first year:
From our second year:
From our third year:
And from our fourth year:
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