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From the Editors

We’re now halfway through 2017, and into summer weather in the Northern Hemisphere. Things are rolling along here as usual, though it’s hard to be inside at a desk on a beautiful day. If you’re reading this on a tablet or phone somewhere outside… lucky you.

For Readers

We hope you enjoyed “Cold Pizza” by Peter Wood on Canada Day, July 1st.

On another note, please remember that if you see an offensive or inappropriate comment, the best thing to do is flag it (click the small grey flag to the right of the comment) — if any three readers flag a comment, it will be hidden until a moderator can look at it and decide whether to delete it, redact and restore it, or restore it untouched. The flagging system helps us identify what’s genuinely problematic for our readers (i.e., if not even three readers choose to flag a comment, maybe it’s a conversation you collectively want to have), and it’s anonymous, so you don’t need to worry about getting involved.

For Writers

This month, we’re testing a new feature/service: emailing each accepted author when their story gets published. This may prove to be unworkable, but it’s something we’re trying.

We still have a bit of a backlog over our 90-day response target, but we’re working every day to get responses for those patient authors who’ve been waiting.

And here are the stories we’ve selected for this month…

July’s Table of Contents

Jul 1 Peter Wood Cold Pizza
Jul 2 Deb Jannerson I’m the One
Jul 3 Jason Cota Baby Secret
Jul 4 Sharon J Wishnow Shy Smile
Jul 5 Ian E Gonzales Passing Through
Jul 6 Chuck Kramer The Dancer
Jul 7 Haley Brett Doors We Open
Jul 8 Gary Zenker Waiting
Jul 9 Lorna Brown Maybe Tomorrow
Jul 10 Kyle Siemens You Sexy Mink, You Forgot the Milk
Jul 11 A.J. Rocca Dragon’s Den
Jul 12 Stephen Kyo Kaczmarek The Reservoir
Jul 13 Mary E. Lowd Galaxy Shaker and the Celestial Rainbow Dragon
Jul 14 Rebecca Bartels To the Girl Staring at Her Phone
Jul 15 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Raise You
Jul 16 Anamarija Slatinec Hollywood Elite
Jul 17 Taylor Shepeard Playing Reality
Jul 18 Ryan Bloom Infinity
Jul 19 MP Johnson Drowner
Jul 20 Brenda Anderson Tesla on Fire
Jul 21 Lindsey Duncan Craft Project
Jul 22 Jeremy Szal The Human I Never Was
Jul 23 Heidi Espenscheid Nibbelink The Usual
Jul 24 Gillian King-Cargile Christmas Panties in July
Jul 25 Sonia Alejandra Rodriguez La Campana
Jul 26 R.B. Kelly To the End of the World and Back
Jul 27 Ellen Graham How to Clear a Room
Jul 28 Stephen V. Ramey Mimed
Jul 29 Bruce Costello The Imaginative Touch
Jul 30 JT Gill What Goes Up
Jul 31 Shaenna McCumber The Stabbing that Reinforced Our Love
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