July’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

The school year has ended, and summer is here. Crazy temperatures are being reported in some areas — we hope those of you in current hot spots are able to keep safe and relatively cool.

If you’re looking for some entertaining beach reading, check out Lifting Up Veronica by K.C. Ball; one of our readers has called it “a story I will remember forever”.

Just want more short stories? Have a look at our Top Stories page and read some interviews with authors of our most popular stories.

Best of all, you can find like-minded (or different-minded) readers to talk to in our community — come find us in your favourite social media places, and join the conversation.

For Readers

For Canada Day (today, July 1st), we hope you enjoy “Oh, Canada!” by Torin Michael Johnson. We regret that we did not receive any Independence Day stories (not one, not even a bad one!), so instead we present “Reuben and the Roundabout” by Carroll Dale Short on July 4th in honour of Rube Goldberg’s 130th birthday.

For Writers

Although no one even wants to think about Labour Day or back to school yet, we’ll be needing those stories from you in August, so now is a good time to get your ideas on.

July’s Table of Contents

Jul 1 Torin Michael Johnson Oh, Canada!
Jul 2 Jonathon Mast Grounded
Jul 3 Robert J. Santa Trope
Jul 4 Carroll Dale Short Reuben and the Roundabout
Jul 5 Alisa Alering The Same Song
Jul 6 Robert Searway Portraits
Jul 7 M. Eigh Oscar’s Ten Commandments
Jul 8 Baron Weiser Genesis Novus
Jul 9 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Fire and Light
Jul 10 Gwyn Ruddell Lewis Ice Cubes
Jul 11 Frances Pawley A Question of Murder
Jul 12 Alexander Burns For the Empire
Jul 13 Jessica Payseur Statement of Art
Jul 14 Daniel Ausema Hometown Hero, Gone for Good
Jul 15 Bonnie Ditlevsen Queen for a Day: What She’ll Say Twelve Years From Now, On a Therapist’s Couch in Winnipeg
Jul 16 Yancy Caruthers The Dark
Jul 17 Steven Woods The Wreck
Jul 18 Y.N. Thom Close Encounter of the Worst Kind
Jul 19 Michael Spenser Requiem for a Soldier
Jul 20 Walt Giersbach You Ain’t the Only Catfish
Jul 21 Joanne R. Fritz Empty Hangers
Jul 22 Christopher Owen Inferno Lost
Jul 23 Gary Sprague Always Together
Jul 24 Shane D. Rhinewald Idiot Robot
Jul 25 Lindsey Barlow Filling
Jul 26 Kevin Rainak Ties Stronger than Blood
Jul 27 Gregory Jeffers Pilothouse
Jul 28 Stephen Duffin The Scurrilous Aardvarks of Zephaniah Twinkle
Jul 29 John McLain Pay Day
Jul 30 Peter Wood Schrodinger’s Spat
Jul 31 Ian Florida The Only Gifts We Give
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