IF THE SHOE FITS • by Robin Joy Wirth

When I slipped on the missing slipper and took my place by my prince’s side, I had no idea just how much I’d be wearing the things afterwards. Nobody ever told me a princess was on her feet so much of the time. All the balls, all the public events, all the bowing before dignitaries. I almost felt as though I’d exchanged one set of chores for another, in a way.

“I never thought my feet would ache so much, being a princess, Henry,” I told my beloved spouse. “Will it always be this way?”

Henry grinned at me indulgently. “My darling, you say that every day.”

“Yes, I suppose I do,” I had to agree. “But you would too, if you had to fill my shoes.”

“Impossible,” he said, grinning wryly. “They are much too tiny.”

“Henry, I love you with all my heart, and I always will,” I told him. “But sometimes, I really need to give my feet a rest. Don’t you?”

“My darling wife, you have been a princess for five years, and you don’t need to worry that I will get rid of you,” he said. “Also, those things can be murder when you kick me in your sleep. So yes, I really think it’s time to give your feet a rest. Every night I ask you, and every night you refuse. Tonight, won’t you finally let me take the slippers off again?”

“Well, I don’t know,” I hesitated. “We were brought together with their magic, and I really don’t want the fairy tale to end.”

“If you’ll just try it, you’ll see that it will be fine,” Henry coaxed. “I promise you, my darling, the fairy tale isn’t going to end.”

“Oh, all right.” I sighed warily. “Give it a try.”

Henry slipped the shoes off and nothing happened. I wasn’t transformed into a cinder girl, I didn’t suddenly find myself in a fireplace, and I wasn’t surrounded by a bunch of my mouse friends and a long list of unfinished chores either. I gave a relieved sigh and stretched my toes.

My prince and I began to kiss, and things were getting very interesting. As he laid me down among the pillows, he got a wicked gleam in his eyes.

“What are you thinking, Your Highness?” I asked him huskily.

“I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind putting the shoes back on for magic time,” he said naughtily.

Grinning as well, I held out my feet for him, letting him put the slippers on again. I promptly used them to good effect. Okay, so I know that makes me sound like a bit of a hypocrite, but come on. If you had a pair of magical glass slippers, and your prince had a bit of a foot fetish, you’d probably do the same thing too.

Robin Joy Wirth is a writer of steamy romance novels in sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal genres. To learn more or sign up for her email list, please visit her website, where you can also learn more about writing steamy romances yourself.

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