Happy 16th Birthday, EDF — a bit shaken but still here

Today marks the beginning of EDF’s seventeenth year of publication. This year has been full of disruptions, and we’re still facing a move to a new web host sometime in the next week or so, but when the site was, ah, lost in cyberspace for a bit last month, it really brought home to me how crushing it would be to lose so many stories published over so many years, and how many more stories there are to be published.

We are extremely fortunate to have Tim Boiteau joining our editorial team. While on one hand I’m sorry to give up publishing his stories (read his past stories with EDF here!), I’m also extremely excited to work with him in an editorial capacity. As well, we are in the process of bringing new slush readers on board and will be updating our staff page as that happens.

Our contact forms and email addresses will still be non-functional until we’ve moved to our new web host, so please join our Discord server if you need anything from us in the meantime. If you should happen to notice that the site is down in the next few weeks, don’t worry, it will just be migration.

So Happy 16th Birthday, EDF! If this magazine were a person, it’d be able to drive.

Camille Gooderham Campbell
Managing Editor

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