GENESIS NOVUS • by Baron Weiser

“You want my rib?” Adam scratched his head.

“No biggy, only one.” His almighty voice boomed across the rich land.

“But after last time you said we’re cool.”

“I figured it’s lonely down here.” His long white robe and beard drifted in the breeze. “So I’d create another being, similar yet different from you.”

Adam produced an apple from behind his back. “You didn’t need any ribs to create me.” Adam bit into the juicy apple.

“I lent the recipe to Lucifer before our falling out. What’d I tell you about the fucking apples? That’s My tree. I told you they don’t grow in heaven. You have a peach tree over there, grape vines on the south gate, don’t eat My goddamned apples.”

“Hey, what’d you say about saying ‘goddamned’?”

“Motherfucker,” the Great One said. “Just stand still.” He nestled his fingers around a rib. “Remember, crying’s for pussies.” He yanked out a chunk of flesh with a spare rib. “Hey, dinner.”

Adam took another bite.

“All right, all right.” The Great One snapped Eve into fruition. Her long flowing hair and nakedness attracted all eyes within a mile radius, which were four.

“Wow.” Adam moved close to Eve, reached down and tickled her in the most heavenly of ways.

He turned His back in disgust. “Could you wait until I leave?”

“What are those?” Eve said.

“Apples, you want one?”


He dropped His head into His great hands, “That’s the last goddamned beer I drink.”

Baron Weiser is, contrary to popular belief, not a Baron. He lives in a small hut in the desert just outside of Nevada. Many people have asked Baron about how he acquires money to live on but he always replies with the same answer — “Money, I don’t need no stinking money.” He often times wanders the desert trails through the empty vasts of Nevada and from time to time sips a beer on the outskirts of Area 51. If you ever walk through the Nevada desert and happen across a man in a red suede vest and a white cravat say, “Hello, Mister Weiser.” Because you are in good company.

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