February’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

February is the month of love, so share a little love around — hug someone every day this month (in an appropriate and non-creeptastic way, of course), and tell them EDF sent you. Also, Chinese New Year was yesterday, so it’s now the Year of the Horse… we, uh, can’t think of any horse-related activities to suggest, and we sadly don’t have any Lantern Festival stories to offer this month, so we’ll just wish happiness and prosperity to our readers who are celebrating the occasion.

For Readers

For the week of Valentine’s Day (February 10th — 14th), we’ve got a lineup of Valentine tales for you from Sarah Russell, K. A. Mielke, Lee-Ann Khoh, and Madeline Mora-Summonte, capped off on Valentine’s Day itself with “One Last Dozen or So” by Christopher Owen.

If you’re looking for a great book to read or give as a gift, why not have a look at what Every Day Publishing has to offer? Every book sold helps to support EDF.

For Writers

You know the drill — St. Patrick’s Day stories need to be in by February 24th. We’re also ready to see April Fool, Easter, and Passover stories now, but the deadline for those isn’t until March 27th. In general, springtime and Spring Break stories are welcome around this season, and we’re always glad to have stories for your other favourite holidays and festivals too.

Don’t forget that Flash Fiction Chronicles’ String-of-10 SIX writing competition is on now! The deadline is February 4th, so time is short — but so are the stories at a maximum of 250 words — a big challenge when you need to work in at least four of the ten prompt words. Please read the submission instructions carefully: submissions go to FFC for judging, not to EDF!

And now, here’s the story lineup you’ve been waiting for…

February’s Table of Contents

Feb 1 Rajni Gupta Unspoken
Feb 2 Bosley Gravel Rattlebone
Feb 3 Audrey Kalman Now You Are a Public Nuisance
Feb 4 Deirdre Coles Misconnections
Feb 5 Sarah Goslee Two Kilograms and Counting
Feb 6 Paul Magnan Within Each Prayer
Feb 7 Laura Crowe Letting Go
Feb 8 Richard J. Dowling Pen and Paper Man
Feb 9 Cherish Gallaher Lindra Brynda
Feb 10 Sarah Russell Another Match.com Recap
Feb 11 K. A. Mielke The Love Thief
Feb 12 Lee-Ann Khoh The History of February 14
Feb 13 Madeline Mora-Summonte The Stakeout
Feb 14 Christopher Owen One Last Dozen Or So
Feb 15 Desmond Fox The Miracle
Feb 16 Eliot Grimsby Prittelwort
Feb 17 JR Hume Alien Alley
Feb 18 Peter Wood Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner
Feb 19 Tina Wayland The Answer to Everything
Feb 20 David Macpherson The Back-up Bartender Prefers to Keep His Thoughts to Himself
Feb 21 Patrick Lind With You Always
Feb 22 Sarah Crysl Akhtar The Quickening Tree
Feb 23 Jez Patterson The Shoplifter
Feb 24 Eric Atkisson The Senator Scores
Feb 25 Don Raymond The Genie’s Anodyne
Feb 26 Hun Ohm Photographic Memory #7
Feb 27 Brittany Bilyeu Enquist Golden
Feb 28 Danielle N Gales Shadow-play
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