February’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Last week, our new line of serialized novels was launched with K.C. Ball’s Lifting Up Veronica. The first five chapters are available for your reading pleasure (start with chapter one here), and if you enjoy them, please consider subscribing so you can keep reading with us. It only costs US$5, and in addition to enjoying a literary suspense novel in a cutting edge format, you’ll also be supporting the free-to-read magazines that Every Day Publishing offers (Every Day Fiction, Every Day Poets, Flash Fiction Chronicles, and Ray Gun Revival). As an added incentive, everyone subscribed by February 3rd will be entered in a draw to win a print of the cover art. Thank you for your support.

If serialization really isn’t your thing, consider supporting EDF by subscribing on Kindle, or simply by making a donation. Or find some other ways to help us. We’ll love you for it!

For Readers

Being February, and the month of Valentine’s Day, we’ve got a sweet selection of stories for you, leading up to “Divine Intervention” by Joanna Bressler on February 14th. If you’ve been around EDF for a while, you’ll also notice quite a few familiar names in the table of contents this month, and of course we’ve got some fantastic newcomers too.

For Writers

We’re pleased to announce that slush reader Sealey Andrews has been promoted to Editorial Assistant. This also means that we have an opening for a new slush reader. We may also be looking for a volunteer copyeditor shortly, if someone with decent WordPress skills and a sharp proofreading eye happens to be interested in gaining some experience with us.

For themed stories, we need St. Patrick’s Day and Easter and Passover pieces, and we’re generally pretty much done with the winter/snow pieces and ready to move on to springtime.

February’s Table of Contents

1 Feb Leah Weiss A Thimble for a Lifeline
2 Feb Douglas Campbell Joyous Dove
3 Feb Brandon Nolta Rhododaktylos Nyx
4 Feb Ted Lietz Four-One-One
5 Feb Maggie Tiojakin The Long March
6 Feb Milo James Fowler Captain Quasar and the Popularity Contest on Goobalox Five
7 Feb Shane D. Rhinewald Lost in Transmission
8 Feb I. Verse The Woman At Table Twelve
9 Feb Olivia Berrier Waiting Room
10 Feb Karen Pullen Snow Day
11 Feb Jennifer Foster Finished business
12 Feb Oonah V Joslin As Long As We’re Together
13 Feb Walt Giersbach Nun on the Run
14 Feb Joanna Bressler Divine Intervention
15 Feb David Parish-Whittaker The Memory of Roses
16 Feb Daniel Mkiwa Terminal Island
17 Feb Damon Wioskowski The Gunfighter
18 Feb Sarah Crysl Akhtar Bad Habit
19 Feb Lindsey R. Loucks Willow Road
20 Feb Larry Hodges Life and Death and Bongo Drums
21 Feb Sarah Lucille Marchant I Saw You
22 Feb Jude-Marie Green A Box Full of Boxes
23 Feb Simon Kewin wolF emiT
24 Feb Oscar Windsor-Smith Tough Love
25 Feb H.P. Mandrake The Perfect Shell
26 Feb Dale Rappaneau How To Become Immortal
27 Feb Lyndon Perry Audition With The Vampire
28 Feb Andrew Waters Space Mountain
29 Feb Jessica George Languaging
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