BILLY AND JOEY TOLD YA • by Marco Etheridge

Joey’s brave, I’m smart, and we’re leapfrogging pumpkins at midnight. Worse, a monster with a pitchfork is chasing us. We saw the bodies. He can’t let us get away. 

Hurdling a pumpkin patch, you need a good flashlight. My piece of crap goes black, so I huck it at psycho man, hear him curse and stumble. Score one for the home team.

Maybe we live to say told you so because we did tell them, the parents, the Sheriff. Hey, the new neighbor’s a psycho killer. But did they listen? Oh, Hell no. We’re just kids. Run, Joey, faster!

Marco Etheridge is a writer of prose, an occasional playwright, and a part-time poet. He lives and writes in Vienna, Austria. His work has been featured in more than seventy reviews and journals across Canada, Australia, the UK, and the USA. Marco’s volume of collected flash fiction, “Broken Luggage,” is available worldwide. When he isn’t crafting stories, Marco is a contributing editor and layout grunt for Hotch Potch.

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