The woman in the bed began to change.

“What big eyes you have!”

“The better to see you with, my child.”

Wrinkled skin sprouted coarse hair.

“What big ears you have!”

“The better to hear you with, my child!”

Craggy hands lengthened into claws.

“What big teeth you have!”

“The better to shred you with, my child.”

Yellow teeth elongated into fangs as the were-beast leaped from its bed onto the terrified red-clad girl.


She had resumed her witchform when there came a knock at the door.

“Who’s there?”

“I’ve come for my order.”

She was filled with apprehension, wondering what shape her visitor would take. Opening the door, she was relieved to see him in the form of a man. He was attired in a midnight blue robe whose silver piping was embroidered with moons and stars.

“My order?”

She gestured toward floor where lay the girl’s remains. He knelt and pored through them, taking what he needed, placing them in the satchel he wore at his belt.

“You’re satisfied?”

“Very much so.”

“Then pay me.”

Rising, he extracted a pair of crimson shoes from the satchel and handed them to her.

He then departed with the brain, heart, and nerves for his clients, awaiting him in the Emerald City.

CI Kemp is a lifelong horror buff currently living in the wilds of northern New Jersey. His first novel, Demon Ridge, has been published by Barbarian Books. His work has also appeared in K-Zine, Cover of Darkness, State of Horror: New Jersey, Isotropic Fiction, Horror Garage, Allegory, Encounters, and Books To Go. 

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