August’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

For Readers:

August is traditionally a slow month in the northern hemisphere. Sunny days and vacation weeks beckon, but here at EDF work has only accelerated. August’s Table of Contents is stacked with regular contributors like Gustavo Bondoni and Deven D Atkinson, along with a mix of authors who bring  fresh voices to EDF.

As many of you know, on July 19th, our hosting company shut down many of the services available at EDF, claiming that we were using up too much processor time. We’ve since switched hosting providers and are in the process of redirecting many of our support pages, so that we can bring back services like “Author Pages”, “Recent Forum Posts”, and “Top Stories”. One author’s story was unduly affected. Brian Dolton’s excellent piece “If We Were Briar Roses” was brought down for approximately  eight hours. Originally, we were going to republish the piece in August, but after speaking with the author, we decided that it would be more effective to highlight the story here, and include it in our planned “Best of Every Day Fiction” anthology which will contain the best stories of our first year in operation.

That said, please enjoy our August Table of Contents!

For Writers:

Our team is growing! Last month, we added slush reader Scott Cosby to the team, and this month Elise Palmer joins us in the same capacity. Elise has been an avid and active reader her entire life, starting from when her father read her the Lord of the Rings when she was  four years old. She enjoys books from all genres, and her favourite authors are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Christopher Moore, Kathy Reichs, Anne McCaffrey, Shakespeare, Virginia Woolf and J.R.R Tolkien.

The EDF Writing group hosted by K.C. Ball continues to grow. If you would like to check out the action, please contact us.

August’s Table of Contents

Aug 1 DJ Barber Smoke Rings
Aug 2 Jeff Parish After, Life
Aug 3 Resha Caner There Sits A Rose
Aug 4 Aaron Polson Donuts of the Living Dead
Aug 5 Teresa Koeppel The Team Meeting
Aug 6 Robin Vandenberg Herrnfeld Box of Balloons
Aug 7 Sarah Black Crossing Bridges
Aug 8 Megan Arkenberg Exodus
Aug 9 Milton T. Burton The Apprentice
Aug 10 Doug Paul Case Facing the Ground
Aug 11 John L.  O’Quinn A Near Bust
Aug 12 E.K. Entrada Village Birds
Aug 13 Dave Troman Morte Emoteons
Aug 14 Alex Moisi With Love Forever Yours
Aug 15 Bill Ward Cloudcutter
Aug 16 Danielle Thorne Smudge
Aug 17 Thane Thompson The Lightning Tree
Aug 18 Oonah V Joslin Confession
Aug 19 Gustavo Bondoni Why Androids Are Happy
Aug 20 Nick Logan Odd Pork
Aug 21 Nicholas Ozment The Manifestation
Aug 22 Deven D Atkinson My Day Off From The SETI Project
Aug 23 Kathleen Mack The Interview
Aug 24 Constance Brewer The Tetris Effect
Aug 25 K.C. Ball Hair of the Dog
Aug 26 Jason Stout My Corona
Aug 27 Kaolin Fire Dreaming Lies to Change the Truth
Aug 28 Sarah Hilary The Slaughter of the Lawns
Aug 29 Kevin Shamel Resident Duties
Aug 30 Ann Wilkes Your Smiling Face
Aug 31 Dave Macpherson Green
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