August’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

So here we are, rolling into the final month of our eighth year of publication—and how strange that seems, to have been doing this so long. I hope all our Northern Hemisphere readers are enjoying the summer (and some beach/vacation reading time) and not suffering from extremes of temperature.

We’ve had a few hiccups with the website this past month, and we’re still working to get some of our erstwhile features back in place for you. Taking care of EDF is a big job for one person, so at the moment, we’re looking for a volunteer assistant webmaster to help EDF keep running smoothly. WordPress skills are an asset, any programming ability is nice.

We could also use a volunteer copy editor to help with proofreading stories and publishing them to the site. Great experience and a useful thing for one’s resume in the publishing field.

If you’d like to get involved, please contact us.

For Readers

As usual, we have lots of great stories for you this month; one for every day, in fact.

For Writers

We’re happy to welcome new slush readers Danielle Dyal and Glenn Mori to our team, while David Beavers leaves us to move on to other things. We expect to be adding a few more new people over the coming month as well.

And what do we need from you? Why, your Labour Day and back-to-school stories, of course. Your harvest and autumn stories. Your Halloween stories and your winter-is-coming stories. Bring them on.

August’s Table of Contents

Aug 1 Edward Ashton In the Dog Park
Aug 2 Sheryl Normandeau The Graduation Gift
Aug 3 J.C. Towler Gravity’s Edge Gifts
Aug 4 Rachel Harrison We’ve Come to Ask You a Series of Questions
Aug 5 Daniel Ausema The Gunpowder Resistance
Aug 6 Tony Press Run for the Roses
Aug 7 Jordan Zetterlund Paisley Ties And The Jaws Of Life
Aug 8 Regina Solomond One Tuesday
Aug 9 Sean Mulroy The Botanist and Her Daughters
Aug 10 Chelsea Hanna Cohen My Husband Is A Frog
Aug 11 Aaron Knuckey Innocent Childe
Aug 12 JT Gill Full Circle
Aug 13 Diana Rohlman 10 Seconds
Aug 14 Ian P. Harris Moving Onwards
Aug 15 Wil Cabrera The Master Password
Aug 16 Kelly Castillo Duty, Honor, and Country
Aug 17 Hermine Robinson Logorrhoea
Aug 18 Anne E. Johnson Cinderella’s Tailor
Aug 19 Deirdre Coles Third Saturday Morning in May
Aug 20 Anna Zumbro The Call of the Void
Aug 21 Roderick Holl Pulled Over on the Interplanetary Autobahn
Aug 22 Desiree Wilkins The Emptiness
Aug 23 Helen Cattan-Prugl Alice’s Monsters
Aug 24 Philip Wentz Better Homes and Corgyn
Aug 25 Kathleen Molyneaux New Year’s Dive
Aug 26 Sara Jackson Casting Stones
Aug 27 Tim W. Boiteau The Robbed
Aug 28 Robert Kibble Survivor Guilt
Aug 29 Perry McDaid Long Walk, Short Mesa
Aug 30 Kimberly Caldwell Atonement
Aug 31 Joel Hunt Confessions of a Superhero
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