April’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Hello, and welcome to the April issue of Every Day Fiction. If you’ve been to the site recently, you might have noticed the timer counting down to today. Speculation was rampant about its purpose, but your friendly neighbourhood editors kept mum. Some of you predicted the announcement of a major restructuring. Others thought it might signify the launch of a new feature on the site. Well, author Deven D Atkinson guessed right when he said that it was an April Fool’s joke. The gag’s on us! Tell us, did we have you fooled?

Now that the silliness is dealt with, we can get back to the business of running one of the web’s fastest growing fiction ‘zines. It’s been an exciting month at Every Day Fiction. We were chosen as one of the Things Worth Checking Out on the Web, by the Wall Street Journal. Also, Neil Clarke from Clarkesworld Magazine, one of the most highly respected  genre ‘zines  on the web, weighed in in our forums with his thoughts about how a magazine’s pay rates affect story quality. I also have it on reliable authority that EDF was spotted at NorWesCon. Did you attend? Post about your experiences in our forums.

As word spreads of our success, more and more writers are choosing to submit their best work to us, and our April calendar is a stunning showcase of their talent. We have stories from favourites Kevin Shamel and Michael Ehart, as well as work from newcomers Travis King and Sarah Black.

April’s Table of Contents

Apr 1 Matthew Strada [p]
The April Fool
Apr 2 Sarah Wagner [p]
April Scabs
Apr 3 Rena Sherwood [p]
A Hero For Bobo
Apr 4 Bill Ward [p]
An Imperfect Swordsman
Apr 5 H. Earl Wilkinson [p] Style
Apr 6 Kevin Shamel [p]
Show Me Brave
Apr 7 Jennifer Tatroe [p]
Conversation, 9:04 PM
Apr 8 Katherine Shaw [p]
Sick Day
Apr 9 Michael Ehart [p]
Without Napier
Apr 10 Ramon Rozas III [p] Raindrops Like Cold Kisses
Apr 11 Sarah Hilary [p]
An Angel in a Plane Tree
Apr 12 Robert J. Santa [p] Setting Up Shop in Devil’s Gulch
Apr 13 Mike Whitney [p]
The Test
Apr 14 Rhonda Parrish Ironic Angst
Apr 15 Sarah Black Leonidas and the T-Bird
Apr 16 David Beers A Trial by Kiss
Apr 17 Scott M. Sandridge [p]
The Philosopher in the Dark
Apr 18 Vrinda Baliga Imprisoned
Apr 19 Michael D Turner [p] I am Tired of Bombs and my Dog is Dead
Apr 20 Angela Carlton The Watered Down Version
Apr 21 Oonah V Joslin [p]
The Wisdom of Alcuin
Apr 22 Pamela Tartaglio Photocopies
Apr 23 Celeste Goschen Yardie Girl
Apr 24 Patricia J. Hale [p]
Sharp Boundaries
Apr 25 Travis King Edward’s Song
Apr 26 Bill West [p]
Pretty as a Picture
Apr 27 Lee Beavington A Fungal Fiend
Apr 28 Frank Roger [p]
A Tale of Patricide and Impatience
Apr 29 Jill Barth The Sniper’s Son
Apr 30 Tim Lieder Some Day We’ll Meet
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