April’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

We hope you’ve had a lovely celebration of your springtime feast of choice. Happy Easter if you celebrate it, Happy Passover if you celebrate it, and the joy of springtime to all!

Last month, we asked you to support our Kickstarter campaign for an anthology called Raygun Chronicles: Space Opera for a New Age. Thank you very much to everyone who rose to the occasion — we are delighted to announce that the crowdfunding campaign was a success and the book will be launched at OryCon in November. We hope that the opportunities this project may bring us will also open doors for EDF.

For Readers

For April Fools’ Day today, we’re featuring Paul A. Freeman‘s story “April Fool”, and then for Tax Day on April 15th we will be bringing you “April Holiday” by Lori Schafer. We hope you enjoy these stories.

You may also notice rather more fantasy stories than usual this month; for some reason we had a lot of that genre in, with the usual complement of literary fiction, and very little of anything else — only a few horror pieces, and no science fiction at all. We try our best to offer you an evenly balanced blend of genres and styles, but sometimes the supply just doesn’t match the demand. So please enjoy (a somewhat unintentional) Fantasy Month at EDF.

For Writers

We still need stories for Mother’s Day and Victoria Day and Memorial Day (and those need to be submitted by April 26th, please).

Thank you very much to those who responded to our Facebook call for April Fools’ Day stories. We enjoy being able to feature fitting stories for special days of every sort, and it’s great to have a community of authors willing to take up a short-notice challenge to fill a void — we wish we could have chosen all of them to show our appreciation, but of course that’s not possible since we only publish one story on the day.

And now, without further ado, here’s what you’ve been waiting for:

April’s Table of Contents

Apr 1 Paul A. Freeman April Fool
Apr 2 Patrick Perkins Lost and Found
Apr 3 Christopher Owen Café Terrace at Night
Apr 4 Chelsea Resnick Two-Timer
Apr 5 Gareth Barsby The Mummy
Apr 6 D. A. D’Amico Hush Honey
Apr 7 Danielle Posner Sykes Gloria
Apr 8 Donna Buck Namaste
Apr 9 Kristine Dukes Eternity on a Harley
Apr 10 Sarah L. Byrne And Though Worms Destroy
Apr 11 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Lying in the Little Bear’s Bed
Apr 12 Todd Wheeler The Wolfsbane Incantation
Apr 13 Audrey Kalman Bad Luck With Cats
Apr 14 Paige McKinney Strange Brew
Apr 15 Lori Schafer April Holiday
Apr 16 Gavin Broom Wish You Were Here
Apr 17 Robert J. Santa Happily Ever After
Apr 18 Tara Calaby Wound
Apr 19 Maureen Bowden Hostage
Apr 20 Harry Packer The End of Young
Apr 21 Rex L. Adams The Sound of His Dying
Apr 22 Aaron Levy Lucy’s Life
Apr 23 Georgina Allen Wish Fulfilment
Apr 24 Deirdre Coles Leavetaking
Apr 25 Paige Zubel For Two
Apr 26 Chris Antenen Dark Meat
Apr 27 Cheryl Diane Kidder Falling Toads
Apr 28 Mike A. Scalzitti Everything is Beautiful
Apr 29 Alison Burgin The Book Club
Apr 30 Chaz Salembier Tomorrow We’ll Be Anything
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