Podcast EDF013: MR. STERNE • written by Michael Tracy • read by Matt Cowens

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Podcast EDF013 — “Mr. Sterne” by Michael Tracy, read by Matt Cowens

Mr Sterne” was originally published in EDF on April 19, 2009 and is included in The Best of Every Day Fiction Two.

Michael Tracy is an avid reader and occasional writer.

Matt Cowens is a writer and high school English and Media Studies teacher living on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. He has taught English in Japan, designed and produced card games, written and illustrated comics and is an enthusiastic amateur video maker.

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  • Cindy Lu

    Only my opinion: Pod casts do not lend themselves well to stories with a lot of dialogue. Narrative stories do better, but even then–for some reason–I want the dialogue to be spoken by a different voice. (Particularly when it’s a man, speaking for a female character. Just seems wrong.)
    Also, I had trouble with the volume.

  • Re: Podcast MR. STERNE – Well done.

  • Oh, I like this a lot! The reader has a fabulous voice and gave life to all the characters. Very well done!

  • I just realized I can’t vote on this tonight – my partner has already used our one vote per ISP on this podcast. I’ll be sure to vote from work tomorrow and give this charmer the stars it deserves.

  • Ted Collins

    You know what would be cool?

    If some enterprising person who knew how to draw turned this into a cartoon and posted it on Youtube.

  • Ted Collins

    Okay, here is a link to the story as an animated cartoon.


  • Ted Collins

    Ooops. Here is a better place to watch it.