Your Privacy, Subscription Emails, and the GDPR

Dear Readers,

You may have heard about a new law in the EU called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Since magazines like this one can be read, commented on, and submitted to from all over the world, this affects us, but only in very small ways.

We’ve always had a privacy policy on this site, but we’ve updated it to be even clearer. You can find it here:

Basically, when it comes to readers, we have very little interest in your data. We only use it to analyze how our site is being used (how many unique visitors we have a day, what stories and pages are being looked at most often, how many visitors are clicking ad banners, and so on), and to protect ourselves from hackers and abuse of the site. In general, we don’t try to link this data to identifiable individuals (commenters, authors, staff members) — unless we’re in the process of tracking down and blocking a malicious user (e.g., if someone is manipulating star ratings or trying to hack the site, we will use all the resources at our disposal to seek out and block the problem).

Comments on stories are made through Disqus, and also backed up in our database. This does record your email address and IP address, but that information is never made public. It does need to endure as long as your comment(s) remain on the site.

We do NOT have a mailing list or collect mailing list information ourselves. Any subscription emails you receive from EDF are made through self-serve RSS feed email services such as Feedburner, Specific Feeds, or Reader (whichever feed email service you chose to subscribe through). Any such feed email will have an unsubscribe link clearly placed, usually at the bottom. We unfortunately can’t manage your feed subscription(s) for you; please see your feed subscription provider’s privacy policy for more information.

For writers, we use the Submittable platform. We do, obviously, collect personal information as part of the submission process. This information is kept confidential by EDF and remains archived in our Submittable database for the lifetime of the magazine.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


Camille Gooderham Campbell
Managing Editor

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