WISHING WELL • by Ken McGrath

Water flows endlessly over her feet. Stone eyes watch another coin flipped. It sparkles in the sunlight, splashes, sinks to the bottom.

Nothing happens.

She’s witnessed countless tokens given, every currency imaginable. Guineas, francs, nickels, shekels, pounds. Most tossed with joy, humour, some with other intent.

She’s heard giggles and squeals, whispered promises, tears and unspoken wishes. The desire for secret kisses, results in exams, for health, wealth, happiness. For accidents, disease, even death.

She can however grant only one type. So she waits, hoping someone will wish her to step down from there, human once more and no longer stone.

Ken McGrath lives in Dublin, Ireland but you can find him online @fromthebigface. His fiction has been published in Daily Science Fiction, Speck Lit, Word Legs, Antipodean SF and 365 Tomorrows among others.

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