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We currently offer two different methods for advertising with Every Day Fiction:
story sponsorship and banner ads.

Sponsored stories have the advantage of permanence and distribution, since the link is included with the email and RSS subscriptions and also remains permanently in place with the story. Banner ads have the advantage of placement and visual appeal, but they do not go out with the subscriptions and do not remain on the site after the advertising term has expired.

We value our community (EDF authors, regular commenters, active Facebook fans and Twitter friends and Google+ members who promote/share/interact with us, etc.) so we choose to offer special community advertising rates well below market value, in addition to our regular business rates. If you are a participating member of our community, please let us know when you talk to us about your advertising needs.

We are open to other creative ideas on how to advertise with us; feel free to make a suggestion. Please note, however, that EDF does not and will not countenance hidden advertising (which marketers sometimes call “embedded” advertising) — all paid advertising on our site will always be clearly identifiable as such.

For everyone’s comfort, please don’t ask us to take advertising for websites which would be inappropriate for the workplace, a public space such as a library, or where family members might glimpse the screen.

To avoid any conflict of interest, we prefer not to take advertising payments from authors who currently have stories under consideration in our slush pile. Please wait until we’ve reached a final decision on your stories before contacting us about advertising, or else ask to have your stories withdrawn so we can present your advertisement without any suggestion of impropriety.


Banner Ads

Banner ads are not permanent, but they’re a great choice for visual impact; your full-colour 468×60-pixel banner is displayed just above or below our day’s featured story on the website for an entire month.


Exclusive banner
(top) community rate US$90 • business rate US$180
(lower) community rate US$70 • business rate US$140
per calendar month

Shared banner rotation (1/2 share)
(top) community rate US$50 • business rate US$100
(lower) community rate US$40 • business rate US$80
per calendar month

Shared banner rotation (1/5 share)
(top) community rate US$25 • business rate US$50
(lower) community rate US$20 • business rate US$40
per calendar month

Banner creation services
(static) community rate US$20 • business rate US$40
(animated) community rate US$30 • business rate US$60
one-time fee; banner is yours to keep and use as you please

Banner Ad FAQ

Q: How do banner shares work?
A: Each active banner is given a frequency of 1 through 10, so there are effectively 10 “shares” of advertising space available — an exclusive banner would have a setting of 10, while two 1/2 share banners would each have a setting of 5, and five 1/5 share banners would each have a setting of 2.

Q: Can I buy a 1/4 share, or a 1/3 share, or some other share not on the price list?
A: Shares need to be out of ten because of how the banners are rotated, so we can’t do exactly a 1/4 share or a 1/3 share, but we’re happy to accommodate any share requests from 1/10 to 10/10, subject to availability.

Q: How does availability work, and what happens if I want a 1/5 share and you don’t have four other advertisers?
A: Advertising at EDF is booked on a first-come first-served basis, and we fill unused shares with Google ads and/or banners for our own projects.

Q: What do I need to know (or tell my graphic designer) about creating a banner ad?
A: The file should be in either JPEG (for static banners) or GIF (for animated banners) format, precisely 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high, and a maximum of 100 KB in size.

Q: Can I give banner ad space as a gift?
A: Yes, the chance to display a banner ad is a great gift for anyone who has a book, website, or business to promote. Please ask us about banner ad gift certificates.

Q: I’m not a corporate/business advertiser, but I don’t participate in EDF’s community — can I still buy banner ad space?
A: Yes, anyone can buy banner ad space. If you’re not a member of our community, you can either advertise with us at our business rates (if you have something to advertise, that’s business!) or consider becoming involved.


Story Sponsorship

When you sponsor a story with Every Day Fiction, it isn’t flashy like a banner ad, but it’s permanent for the lifetime of the magazine and extends to every EDF reader and subscriber.

We will add a permanent text link (up to 255 characters) to the bottom of the sponsored story. This link will also be included with the story as it is sent out to our email and RSS subscribers.

This story is sponsored by
Flash Fiction Chronicles — This site is dedicated to the discussion of the art and craft of flash fiction, fiction in general, and the issues of writing, marketing, and publishing today.

Choose your story (or stories) by date, by genre, by author, randomly, or however you like! Your sponsorship will last as long as EDF does — every time someone reads the story you sponsor, your link will be there — and if “your” story gets Stumbled or makes our top ten list, you’ve hit the advertising jackpot…


Single Story
community rate US$4 • business rate US$8

Week-long Block
community rate US$24 • business rate US$48
get one day free — seven days for the price of six!

Sponsorship Campaign
community rate US$80 • business rate US$160
book four week-long sponsorship blocks and get your weekend advertising free — 28 days for the price of 20!

Story Sponsorship FAQ

Q: How do I select a story (or stories) for the sponsorship option? Do I choose from published stories, or do I get to look through the stories queued up for future publication?
A: You can select any previously-published story from our archives, any upcoming titles already scheduled for publication, and/or any calendar date that has not yet been purchased for sponsorship (whether or not a story has been scheduled for that date). We suggest upcoming stories instead of archives as they typically get more views. Unfortunately we are not able to make unpublished stories available for pre-reading, but we’re happy to consult with you to select the perfect fit for your sponsorship needs.

Q: Can I buy a week-long block to get a discount and then spread the seven days out across time as thinly as I want?
A: Sorry, no. Week-long blocks must run over seven consecutive days.

Q: Does my ad copy have to be exactly the same for all the days of my week-long block or campaign?
A: No, it’s up to you how you want to run your block or campaign. You can alternate between two different ads, or rotate through three or four, or craft a unique ad for each day. Your ads can all point to the same book/product/website, or you can choose to advertise several different books/products/websites. Remember, though, that repeated exposure is a big factor in advertising success, so we don’t recommend spreading your message too thin. We believe you’ll have better overall results with related items (e.g., a book’s sale page, the author’s website, associated social media pages, a link to a review, etc.) or else a very limited number of unrelated items (two to three at most).

Q: How does a sponsorship campaign work?
A: All you need to do is book a series of four week-long blocks over a period of two to four months (e.g., alternate weeks over two months, or every three weeks for three months, or every month for four months). We do not recommend selecting consecutive weeks. In order to get the campaign discount, you will need to book your dates for all four weeks at the time of purchase.

Q: Does the HTML coding for the link count against the 255-character limit?
A: The link is not included in the 255-character limit.

Q: Do spaces count as characters?
A: Yes, spaces count. Think short and sweet.

Q: Can I give a story sponsorship as a gift?
A: Yes, story sponsorship makes a lovely gift for anyone who has a book, website, or business to promote. Please ask us about story sponsorship gift certificates.

Q: I’m not a corporate/business advertiser, but I don’t participate in EDF’s community — can I still sponsor stories?
A: Yes, anyone can sponsor stories. If you’re not a member of our community, you can either advertise with us at our business rates (if you have something to advertise, that’s business!) or consider becoming involved.


Ask for more information about advertising with EDF,
or get started now!