Honestly, it was not my fault.

Firstly, the argument was about nothing! Absolutely nothing! We argue about stupid things all the time. Be it sports, politics or whatever. The arguments never make sense and she always loses. And that’s why I’m here now, because she lost the argument and became hysterical. Wasn’t my fault!

She started screaming at me, pointing fingers in my face, and that led to her becoming irrational. I hate that. I hate how we can never have a decent conversation without it leading into something bigger than it has to be.

So yeah I did it, but she started it! She always starts it but somehow I’m the bad guy when I finish it. If she hadn’t yelled “bite me” I wouldn’t have done it. I was provoked and I know I should have stopped after the first time but how could I have known that she’d be so delicious?

Rickey Rivers Jr. is currently trying to find something insane to write about. Flash fiction and short stories have been a love of his for several years. He writes for fun and to enjoy others reactions to his story. He is currently living in Mobile Alabama, sharpening a butcher knife as we speak.

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