THE ANNIVERSARY • by Lyndon Perry

“Those three words,” I say as I pour her another glass of wine.

“Love you, too,” she coos. An impish grin flickers across her face.

I quickly refill my glass and snuggle back down beside her. The fire crackles in front of us. After all these years we’re still caught up in the romance.

“Perfect ending to a perfect day,” I murmur in her ear.

She takes in a deep breath and sighs out a yes that makes my heart jump. The wildflower bouquet we brought back from our afternoon picnic must be releasing its aphrodisiacal magic. I’m in love with the world.

“I love the fall,” I say. “The Flint Hills are gorgeous this time of year. We should buy this bed and breakfast and live here forever.”

“You say that every anniversary,” my wife teases.

“And you’d think after fifty years I’d finally convince you,” I say, smiling.

Lyn Perry is the founder of Residential Aliens, a spec fic zine with a spiritual thread. He is the husband of one and the father of two. And he would love to own a bed & breakfast.

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