TELLER OF TALES • by Michael D. Turner

“Hear me, oh muse,” the teller began.

“Oh for crud’s sake, Ishmael, get on with it!” cried a voice from those huddled near the hearth.

“When April showers–”

“Does it have any action in it?”

“I’m bored! Let’s go watch a shadow-play instead.”

The crowd dispersed, leaving only the teller of tales and a single child near the fire. Pleading eyes stared at the teller of tales.

“Long ago in a far away land. . . .” the teller began.

Michael D. Turner writes and lives along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. His work has appeared in Turn the Other Chick (Baen), Ring of Fire (Baen), Bash Down the Door and Slice Open the Bad Guy (Fantasist Enterprises), and in AlienSkin, Continuum SF, Aberrant Dreams, Tales of the Talisman and others.

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