SWEET REVENGE • by Suanne Warr

Seera stood firm, facing the serpent’s jaws with a calm face. Her black hair swept back in the breeze, her eyes held a light of their own.

“I forgive you,” she said.

The serpent coiled in a mass of shining purple scales. His eyes were slits of hatred. His fangs spread wide to engulf Seera.

“I forgive you.”

The serpent’s mouth settled around her, the fumes of his breath tortured her lungs. He bit down.

I forgive you.

The serpent gagged. His throat swelled to accommodate his large bite, but still Seera stuck.

The serpent thrashed, his body breaking against the surrounding trees with his pounding need for air.

His movements slowed, stilled. The serpent lay stiff, swiftly growing cold.

Suanne Warr lives in North Carolina, nestled between the mountains and the ocean. She loves studying history and keeping up her martial arts. Visit www.suannewarr.com for more information.

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