September’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Well, here we are again—our 96th Table of Contents post, and EDF’s 8th Birthday! As we go forward, we’re looking at some big changes, even (maybe, hopefully) a new look for the site, which is starting to look rather, oh… 2007? Everything we do is made possible by our lovely Patreon friends and supporters, and a bright new look for the magazine is just one of the things we hope to achieve with your help.

We also wouldn’t be anywhere without our wonderful volunteer staff, and I’m constantly impressed with how hard they work, how committed they are, and how long many of them stay with us. Every story submitted to EDF gets individual, thoughtful feedback as to what worked or didn’t work for us; that doesn’t happen by magic, it’s hours of time volunteered by people who do it for love.

And finally, to all our authors, readers, commenters, and friends — thank you for being part of this! We hope you’ll visit our Facebook Roundtable today to say hello and wish us well as we celebrate eight years done and another one starting.

For Readers

We don’t have anything for Labour Day or back-to-school pursuits this year (sometimes it just works out like that). However, for our birthday story today, we’ve selected “What Greater Fear” by J.C. Towler, which has an end-of-summer flavour that fits the beginning of September and the changes that a new season brings.

On 9/11, we will be featuring Jeff Hurt‘s story “The Lies Beneath” — not specifically a story for that day, but we hope you’ll find it an appropriate fit for the day.

For Writers

Please get your October stories in as soon as possible (especially Halloween and Canadian Thanksgiving), because we’re coming up to a big change soon and we want to be prepared: we’re looking at migration to a new submission system. We don’t have a date for the transition yet, but we expect that submissions will be briefly closed—only for a couple of days—sometime this month or next month.

September’s Table of Contents

Sep 1 J.C. Towler What Greater Fear
Sep 2 Anton Rose Mrs. Anderson
Sep 3 K.R. Horton Better than 1000 Monkeys with Typewriters
Sep 4 Chris Ovenden I, Robert
Sep 5 J.T. Toman Yesterday
Sep 6 Rebecca Birch At Apocalypse’s Edge
Sep 7 Cheryl Powell How to Clean Out a Cupboard
Sep 8 Joyce Barton Campaign Button
Sep 9 I. K. Paterson-Harkness Free Iron
Sep 10 Brian Toups The God Mark
Sep 11 Jeff Hurt The Lies Beneath
Sep 12 Rosalie Kempthorne Cheques He Sends Me
Sep 13 David Cleden Turing in Reverse
Sep 14 Derek McMillan Laughing Larry
Sep 15 Kendall Furlong The Counselor
Sep 16 Aidan Doyle Remembering the Dragon
Sep 17 Rollin T Gentry Dreadful Dirge Day
Sep 18 Benjamin A. Friedman First World Solutions
Sep 19 Nancy Pazner Seen in a Thrift Store
Sep 20 C Barker The Creative App
Sep 21 Elizabeth Archer Percy’s Crossing
Sep 22 Dustin Adams The Conjurings of Jessica Wright
Sep 23 Laura Alexandra Hunter Before Dawn
Sep 24 Michael P. Boettcher Jr. Long and Graceful
Sep 25 Desiree Wilkins Senses
Sep 26 Jason Thomas The Value of Life
Sep 27 Jessica Marie Baumgartner Rediscovering Happiness
Sep 28 Dale Carothers The Shaming of Conrad 25
Sep 29 Jennifer Todhunter Pinkies & Clay
Sep 30 Devin Miller Ink Night
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