September’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Happy 7th Birthday, EDF! We’ve seen a lot of changes in the world of publishing and online magazines in the seven years since our first story went live. When we started out, we were the only daily online flash fiction magazine that paid authors anything at all and didn’t publish our own editors’ work. It feels good to be able to look around and say, “Well, we’re still here; isn’t that something?” Seven years.

We couldn’t do this without our community — our amazing volunteer staff, from the most senior editor through to the newest slush reader, who make EDF happen for you every day without any compensation but the occasional word of thanks — our fabulous authors, from award-winners and bestsellers to brand-new writers who trust us with their first-ever submissions — and our wonderful readers and commenters and fans and friends, all of you. Thank you.

(Please don’t forget that we need support to keep going; every little bit counts. There’s a donation button just under the search box on your right. Much appreciated.)

Do stop by our Facebook Roundtable today for virtual cake and balloons. Year EIGHT, here we come…

For Readers

Since the first of the month falls right on Labour Day, we’re starting off our year with “‘A’ as in Math” by Linda Nguyen, followed on September 2nd by Martin Chandler‘s “The First Day of Class” for all those returning to educational pursuits this month.

We also have a special story for 9/11 this year, “Falling Up” by Jennifer Ripley.

For Writers

We’re very happy to welcome our newest slush reader, Edward Beach — you can check out his bio and photo on our staff page.

There’s still time to get your stories in for October (such as harvest, fall season, Canadian Thanksgiving, Samhain, Halloween, etc.) — the deadline is September 26th, and please remember to fill in the Targeted field so we don’t miss them. We’re also ready to start looking at November pieces (especially Remembrance Day / Veterans’ Day).

But here’s the important information you’ve been waiting for…

September’s Table of Contents

Sep 1 Linda Nguyen “A” Like in Math
Sep 2 Martin Chandler The First Day of Class
Sep 3 Scott James Little Fish
Sep 4 Frederick K. Foote Beauty
Sep 5 Henry McFarland The Saddest Song
Sep 6 Nick Bevan Extremely Satisfied
Sep 7 Joanna Bressler The Throwback Girl
Sep 8 Aidan Doyle The Sweet Life
Sep 9 Lucy Gregg Muir The Tractor and the Plough
Sep 10 Wilma Bernard The Action Hero
Sep 11 Jennifer Ripley Falling Up
Sep 12 Katrina S. Forest In Line With a Prize
Sep 13 Glenn Mori What She Saw
Sep 14 Amy R. Biddle Overexposed
Sep 15 Laura J. Henson Trust Issues
Sep 16 Lou Antonelli Back Own My Stab
Sep 17 Alaina Ewing Barn Swallow and Master Owl
Sep 18 M. E. Garber Backstitches In Time
Sep 19 Cathy S. Ulrich That Night, In Your Room
Sep 20 Sarah Crysl Akhtar What You Ask For
Sep 21 Joschua Beres The Lottery
Sep 22 David Macpherson The Cabinets of Doctor Cal and Gary
Sep 23 Lori Schafer State of Micronesia, 2016
Sep 24 Paul Celmer Windfall
Sep 25 Rohini Gupta Accidental Encounter
Sep 26 Michael Haynes Searching for a Dishonest Man
Sep 27 Sarah Rachel Egelman Fabulaception
Sep 28 Hally Cohen Mick and Loretta
Sep 29 Matthew Harrison A Scent of Lavender
Sep 30 Milo James Fowler Future Tense / Present Perfect
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