September’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Happy 6th Birthday to Every Day Fiction! Six years ago today, we published our first story, “Scientists” by Andrew LeBlanc. Today, we’re publishing our 2188th story, and we’ve had an amazing adventure in between the two. As always, my sincere gratitude and appreciation go to everyone involved — the team of fabulous volunteers (from brand new slush readers to experienced editors) who work so hard to make it all possible, for nothing but the odd bit of praise and the love of what we do; the vast range of authors who are willing to give us their words for only a token payment (and so many donate it back to help us survive just one day further, too!); and above all YOU, this amazing community of readers. I’d also like to raise a virtual toast to my original partners in this venture, webmaster Steven Smethurst and executive editor Jordan Ellinger, without whom EDF would not exist at all.

No one ever knows what the future holds, but I’m not ready to quit yet, so… onward into another year we go! Virtual birthday cake and streamers for all! Much love to all of you!

For Readers

We try to choose something special to start off our year, and this year our ‘birthday story’ is “Last of the Damned” by Harding McFadden.

For Labour Day on September 2nd, we offer you “Back to School” by long-time EDF contributor Patrick Perkins.

We’re also glad to be welcoming back another old friend: JR Hume, whose story “Tears of the Android” held onto the top story spot for  a good long spell back in 2009 — we’ll be bringing you his new piece, “Steel Killer”, on September 4th.

For Writers

We have a few staff changes to report: slush readers Kate Sheeran and Dustin Adams have left us to return to their studies, and we wish them all the best as they focus on school. Replacing them on our team, we have new slush readers Andrew Cochrane and Tony Held — welcome, Andrew and Tony! Also, Layla Blackwell has moved from the slush into a new position as Anthology Coordinator, to help get the print anthology series back on track, which is an exciting step forward for us. Over the next few months, we’ll be sorting out story inclusions and contacting authors to arrange permission, so you can hope to hear from Layla soon, and thank you all for your patience.

Stories for October (such as harvest, fall season, Canadian Thanksgiving, Samhain, Halloween, etc.) are already starting to come in, but we need more! September 26th is the deadline for October-specific stories, and please remember to fill in the Targeted field so your story gets looked at in time, thanks.

And now, here it is…

September’s Table of Contents

Sep 1 Harding McFadden Last of the Damned
Sep 2 Patrick Perkins Back to School
Sep 3 Rob Mancebo Making a Ranger
Sep 4 JR Hume Steel Killer
Sep 5 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Following the Cow’s Path
Sep 6 Karen Walsh Kin
Sep 7 Alexis A. Hunter Charging the Silver Slope
Sep 8 Wilma Bernard Coffee Date
Sep 9 The Sisters Hipstergrimm Three of Troll
Sep 10 Sarah Grill The Waiting Room
Sep 11 Saanchi Saxena The Ring
Sep 12 Carl Steiger The Teddy Bear Who Was Hitler
Sep 13 L.A. Fields Moving Up
Sep 14 William G. Davies Jr. Dear Man
Sep 15 Sierra July Becoming Sugar-Free
Sep 16 Chloe Banks Un-Conspiracy Theory
Sep 17 Stephen V. Ramey Tomorrow I Will Skydive
Sep 18 Milo James Fowler Night Stalking
Sep 19 Scott Shipp Robot for Sale
Sep 20 Anne Jarvis Internet Angling
Sep 21 Liz Grear Collide
Sep 22 Wendy Turbin Sacrifice
Sep 23 Stephen Sottong Dinner Date
Sep 24 Sam Bellotto Jr. Once Upon a Time in Deadbone
Sep 25 Whitney B. Setser The Alligator Purse
Sep 26 Lindsay Morgan Lockhart Soul Smuggler
Sep 27 Dennis Haen Closing Time at the Museum
Sep 28 Richard M. O’Donnell The Ghosts of Becca Wolf
Sep 29 Matt Athanasiou Croak Tree
Sep 30 Sarah M Blood Grocery Bags
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