September’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Happy 5th Birthday, EDF! Yes. We’ve published 1821 stories, our staff has grown from three to eighteen, we’ve battled everything from trolls to hostile webhosts… It has been a busy and interesting five years, and we’re ready to launch into Year Six with ever more fabulous and entertaining stories for your reading pleasure.

Thank you all — readers, writers, commenters, my editorial team past and present, and our loved ones who put up with it all — for making this journey so amazing. To be honest, I’m really quite stunned to still be here, doing this, after five years; new online magazines tend to have the life expectancy of moths hanging around candles, and I don’t think any of us back then would have imagined the future would look like this. It’s — well, it’s a privilege and a pleasure to work with so many fine writers and so many engaged readers, that’s all. [insert emotional happy-sob here]

And how perfect, after all is said and done, to have wrapped up our first five years on a blue moon. Because… once in a blue moon, you know…

For Readers

We always look for a particularly outstanding story to kick off our year, and this year our ‘birthday story’ is “Rhapsody in the Dark” by EDF regular Christopher Owen.

Then, for Labour Day on September 3rd, we offer you “Abandoned” by Walt Giersbach, who has contributed steadily to EDF over the past five years.

Long-time readers of Every Day Fiction may in fact recognize many of the names featured in September’s Table of Contents — we’re delighted to welcome back some old friends we haven’t seen in a while, and it’s always great to see lots of our current reader favourites too.

For Writers

Get those Halloween and Thanksgiving stories in now!

Also, this news is woefully behind, but emails are starting to go out for stories included in The Best of Every Day Fiction Four — it may take us a few weeks to get everything sorted, but look for a list of included stories on our forums as soon as we’ve dealt with all the paperwork.

September’s Table of Contents

Sep 1 Christopher Owen Rhapsody in the Dark
Sep 2 Dani Ripley Jellyfish
Sep 3 Walt Giersbach Abandoned
Sep 4 Michael Mallory Campaign Promises
Sep 5 L. M. Myles The Glass Princess
Sep 6 Izzy David The Prince
Sep 7 John Eric Vona Quittin’ Time
Sep 8 Warren C. Easley The Promise
Sep 9 Jeanne Holtzman Gone Fishing
Sep 10 Jim Malcolm Unintended Consequences
Sep 11 A.R. Williams The Bone Game
Sep 12 JC Piech Kurfürstendamm Girls
Sep 13 Alexander Burns It Could Be Us
Sep 14 Milo James Fowler Blessed Be the Patient
Sep 15 Josie Gowler After Five
Sep 16 Philip Harris Hidden
Sep 17 Mike DiChristina Plan C
Sep 18 Peter Wood Repossession
Sep 19 AV Boyd I Want to Ask You Something
Sep 20 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Wolf’s Bane
Sep 21 Leonard Owens III Ashy Eyes
Sep 22 Larry Hodges The Shaking Sphere
Sep 23 Jill Kronstadt Inside the Dog
Sep 24 Suzanne Conboy-Hill Cat Nav
Sep 25 Peter Zaragoza Mayshle Little Bombings
Sep 26 Rob Haines The Montgolfier
Sep 27 Renee Carter Hall Secondhand
Sep 28 Jim Hawe Beholding Greatness
Sep 29 Clint Wastling Tall Trees
Sep 30 Kieran Marsh The Creature in the Coal Shed

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