September’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

Well, here we are on our fourth birthday, with a temporary “look” to the site — and if overcoming adversity builds character, then we’ve racked up more character points over the past month than in our whole four years of publishing combined!

Please accept our deepest apologies for the week-long lack of stories in August. We’ve been so proud of our record, keeping our promise of a new story for you every day without fail, so to have our servers down with no way to deliver on that for an entire week felt like failure of the worst sort. To make a long story short, we were experiencing some caching issues with the site, and our erstwhile web hosting provider proved to be either unable or unwilling to work with our webmaster to resolve the problem (details can be found here); after a few extremely frustrating days where the site was up and down sporadically, they decided to deny us service and terminate our account without notice. Fortunately, we were able to secure a new web hosting provider relatively quickly — we are very glad to now be hosted by MediaTemple, and while our operating costs are slightly increased, we’re vastly reassured to be working with a genuinely reliable and reputable web host. Thank you so much for your patience during our transition difficulties.

The stories originally scheduled for August 8th to 14th have been rescheduled into September’s calendar, so nothing was lost except time. However, since we were experiencing intermittent problems in the four days prior to that, some of you may have missed “Candyeyes” by Michael Peralta, “Hungry Water” by Jessica George, “True Love and Lousy Smoke Rings” by Daniel Vineberg, and “A Good Drying Day” by Simon Kewin. If you did miss any of those, please do go back and check them out.

All of that said, we have survived four years, and grown beyond what any of us would have thought possible at the beginning. Thank you all for that, and… let’s double it, or more. Day One of Year Five, and counting!

For Readers

We hope you enjoy the usual mix of stories and authors we have on the schedule for this month, including many of our long-time favourites. (Regrettably, we don’t have any Labour Day or back-to-school stories for you, as no one sent us any.)

In order to not spoil everyone’s enjoyment of the stories, any bugs/problems/difficulties which might be related to our hosting transition should be reported via the forums rather than in the story comment, thanks!

For Writers

We’re looking at Halloween and Thanksgiving stories now — don’t forget to fill in Halloween or Thanksgiving in the Targeted field so your stories rise to the top of the queue and don’t get missed!

September’s Table of Contents

Sep 1 Anthony Pryor The Specter of Justice
Sep 2 Mel George Now You See Me
Sep 3 Tami Harris Urbanivore
Sep 4 Mary J. Breen The Snapshot
Sep 5 Peter Tupper The Fortunate Fall
Sep 6 Stephen V. Ramey Sky Blue Pink
Sep 7 Suzanne Conboy-Hill No Arrests in 2039
Sep 8 Mary Caffrey Knapke Tomato Plants, $1 each
Sep 9 Sandra M. Odell The Inevitability of Night…
Sep 10 Shane M. Gavin Just a Day
Sep 11 J. Chris Lawrence Collateral Damage
Sep 12 Brock Adams The Former King of Fort Wal-Mart
Sep 13 Cate Gardner His Name Carved on Empty Space
Sep 14 Oonah V Joslin A la Descartes
Sep 15 Eric Del Carlo It’s Moving Day
Sep 16 Iain Cosgrove The Dancer
Sep 17 Brittani Larkin Lena
Sep 18 Stephanie Allen Crist Higher
Sep 19 Sarah Hilary The Cottage in the Woods
Sep 20 Kit Lamont No Further Than My Own Backyard
Sep 21 Christopher Brummet Dijon
Sep 22 Brian J. Hunt All We Can Do
Sep 23 Ioana Visan Unhinged Reality
Sep 24 Sandra Crook The Cat That Disappeared
Sep 25 Anna Moriarty Lev A Night in the Park
Sep 26 Miles C. Hellyer Running From Home
Sep 27 Chris Maiorana Creative Parenting
Sep 28 John Arkwright Cemetery Ridge
Sep 29 Kyle McCarty Heart
Sep 30 JR Hume Curse of the East Wind

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