September’s Table of Contents

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Today is Every Day Fiction’s third birthday.

Back in 2007, when we first launched EDF, our grand long-term goal was to make it to our third birthday. Given that the longevity of fledgling magazines is measured for the most part in months rather than years, that seemed impossibly far off — a good moon to shoot for, but it hardly seemed real at the time. Today we are standing on that moon and taking aim at the stars.

So please, wherever you are in the world, if you’ve been along for the ride from the beginning or if you’re only just joining us now, eat some cake for us today and raise your glass to celebrate all that we’ve achieved so far — together, because we would be nowhere without our readers, writers, commenters and friends — with this toast: “Three years is only the beginning.”

And now, here are the stories to begin our fourth year…

September’s Table of Contents

Sep 1 Deborah Winter-Blood Ophidiophobia
Sep 2 Simon Kewin Lucky Numbers
Sep 3 Nicholas Ozment Time Ellipses
Sep 4 Ellen Peters Father to Sons
Sep 5 Eric McKinley Powerball
Sep 6 Dagmara J. Kurcz First Date
Sep 7 Kriti Lilian Bajaj The Dream Catcher
Sep 8 Kathee Jantzi Butterfly Wings
Sep 9 Sally York Deathbed Redemption
Sep 10 Amanda Capper The Dad
Sep 11 Cat Rambo Love Affair
Sep 12 Rich Matrunick Full Circle
Sep 13 Jeanne Holtzman There’s An App For That
Sep 14 Hunter Stern Brothers
Sep 15 Kimberly C. Lundstrom Jitters
Sep 16 Liz Penn Virus
Sep 17 Howard Cincotta Negative Space
Sep 18 Lilly Slaydon It’s Not
Sep 19 Sarah Evans A Good Hair Day
Sep 20 Kip A New Life
Sep 21 Sam Pennington Chip Fat
Sep 22 Stef Hall Wishing Well
Sep 23 TFAhan The Son of a Kite Maker
Sep 24 Nina Roselle Diablo
Sep 25 Prospero E. Pulma Jr. Mateo’s Notebook
Sep 26 David Macpherson Shakespeare in My Pocket
Sep 27 Lyn Brown A Paleolithic Day
Sep 28 Wayne Scheer When in Rome
Sep 29 Erica Naone Automatic Crash Response
Sep 30 Bosley Gravel Less Silent is the Sea
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