September’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

As our second year of publication draws to a close, we’d like to thank all of our authors, readers, commenters, friends and fans for making it such a fantastic year. Every Day Fiction would not be what it is without each of you doing what you do, sending us stories, reading, commenting, posting in the forums, being our Facebook fans, Stumbling, Digging, and all that. A particular heartfelt vote of appreciation goes to our wonderful slush readers, past and present, who worked so hard to help us select the very best stories for EDF throughout the year — Elise, Davina, Gay, Hillary, K.C., Elissa and Joe — thank you! (P.S. More slush readers are always welcome, if you’d like to give it a try…)

Tomorrow is Every Day Fiction’s birthday, and we enter our third year of publication. Our staff page boasts nine people now — a far cry from the three we started with in September 2007 — and Gay Degani has just hosted her first string-of-ten writing competition on our Flash Fiction Chronicles blog (we’ll be publishing the winning entry here in October). Our sister site for poetry, Every Day Poets, is going strong as well. We fully expect this year to bring even greater things, and while we can’t release any details just yet, we have some exciting plans underway…

For Readers:

Regrettably, Every Day Publishing had some technical difficulties over a few days in August — our apologies for the inconvenience — and some readers may not have been able to access the site for varying lengths of time between the 9th and the 13th. If you missed “Gods of Concrete and Steel” by C.L. Holland, “Shore Leave” by Edward McDermott, “Jimmy Fourfingers” by Michael Ehart, “A House, A Home” by Valerie O’Riordan, or “Hearts Will Never Be Practical” by Paul Abbamondi, we hope you’ll check them out now.

Moving forward, we are very excited to have a new story by Joel Willans, author of our all-time most-popular story “One Bright Moment“, and we’re also welcoming back Sarah Hilary, who holds a spot on our top-ten list as well with “Someone Else’s Slip“. As always, we’re featuring some newcomers to Every Day Fiction, including Melody Beacham and Martin Turton. All in all, it’s a power-packed month, as you might well expect since it opens with Jonathan Pinnock and closes with Oonah V Joslin.

As an added surprise treat, we have a special interview for you tomorrow, September 1st. In keeping with last year — we decided to make it a tradition — we’re presenting an interview with an author who has been an important part of our year. Not only have we published seven of Kevin Shamel‘s stories in the past year (and seven in our first year, for a total of fourteen), we also had the pleasure of meeting him in person when he came to Vancouver for our anthology launch party. He has been active and supportive on our forums, he has donated his story payments back to EDF, he has blogged about us on his blog… and now we’d like to shine some of that love back at him. Don’t miss out!

For Writers:

Thank you for all your stories, whether or not they’ve been published here. EDF couldn’t exist without you.

And now… it’s awful to be thinking of winter at the end of August, but it has to be done… we want your Christmas/Hanukkah/winter holiday pieces ASAP!

September’s Table of Contents

Sep 1 Jonathan Pinnock Hidden Shallows
Sep 2 Sarah Hilary Burial of the Bells
Sep 3 Clinton Lawrence The Old City
Sep 4 Joel Willans A Friggin’ Star
Sep 5 Margaret Karmazin Diamonds in the Rough
Sep 6 Ellie Tupper Mandala: A Dish of Lime-Vanilla Ice
Sep 7 KM Rockwood Shredded
Sep 8 James Hartley Breakfast
Sep 9 Gargi Mehra The Beauty
Sep 10 Ben Loory The Wall
Sep 11 Melody Beacham Under My Skin
Sep 12 John Jasper Owens Mute Point
Sep 13 Fred Warren Weightless
Sep 14 Sheila R. Pierson Steak and Potatoes
Sep 15 Krystyna Smallman Consuming
Sep 16 Martin Turton Minding Matthew
Sep 17 Lori Simeunovic In the Cards
Sep 18 Anna Sykora Your Guarantee of a Human Bean
Sep 19 Aaron Polson How to Burn a House
Sep 20 A. S. Andrews Alien Life
Sep 21 Garry Grierson The Bull and Bucket UFO
Sep 22 Eric Del Carlo Frankly
Sep 23 Lossie Reeves Addie and Boog
Sep 24 Ann Wilkes Grey Drive
Sep 25 Cathryn Grant So Lucky
Sep 26 John Wiswell Frankenstein’s Monsters
Sep 27 Cate Gardner Strange Tooth
Sep 28 Debra Easterling Annapolis Eyes
Sep 29 Lee Hughes The Backtrack
Sep 30 Oonah V Joslin The Devil’s Within
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