September’s Table of Contents

From the Editors

For Readers:

On behalf of the staff at Every Day Fiction, I am pleased to welcome you to our second year in operation–365 stories later, and the magazine is still going strong! We had no idea one year ago today when we launched our little project that so many of you would embrace it so enthusiastically. You’ve mentioned us in your blogs, in your reviews, and in your forums, and we thank you for it.

In honour of this special occasion, we’d like to announce that EDF is expanding. Due to popular demand, three special volunteers have stepped forward to launch Every Day Poets, a new online magazine that specializes in delivering a new short poem to your inbox every day. Oonah V Joslin will be heading the project as Managing Editor, along with Constance Brewer (Editor & Slush Ninja) and Nicholas Ozment (Editor & Slushimator). They are targeting November 1st for the launch of the magazine, so please show your support and subscribe!

Every month we’ve published an interview with the month’s most read author, and the interviews have been a big hit. To mark our first year in operation, we thought we’d interview the author whose stories have been read the greatest number of times overall throughout the whole year. Following this Table of Contents is an interview with Sarah Hilary, author of the perennial Top Ten story “Lolita’s Lynch Mob“.

Talk has been going on for quite some time in the forums of EDF’s one-year birthday party. It will be held tonight (September 1st, 2008) at Lola’s Bar in Vancouver. If you’re in the Lower Mainland, please drop by and say hello, and if not, drop by our forums and share a few thoughts on the magazine! For details please see this thread.

Finally, EDF would like to thank Tommy B. Smith for his generous donation of $27.77. It’s with the support of our generous readers that EDF is able to continue bringing fine fiction into your inbox.

For Writers:

If you’ve read this far, you’re already aware of the launch of our sister magazine, Every Day Poets. Of course, most of you have probably already gone to the site and subbed three of your best poems, but just in case you’re still waking up, do so now!

And now for some unhappy news. Scott Cosby, our  slush reader, has had to take a leave due to health reasons. Our thoughts are with him, and he’s asked for our prayers. More information can be found in the forums. This, along with our birthday (and the managing editor’s impending wedding), has got us a little backed up. Please bear with us as we search for another slush reader to help fill the gap (and one of us ties the knot!).

September’s Table of Contents

Sept 1 K.C. Ball I Must to the Barber’s Chair
Sept 2 Abby “Merc” Rustad Bench Trial
Sept 3 Brian Dolton How the Rainbow Came To Be
Sept 4 Greta Igl Free
Sept 5 Frank O’Connor, freelance thinker The Holy Fool
Sept 6 Oonah V Joslin Closer to the Truth
Sept 7 Tels Merrick Are We There Yet
Sept 8 E.K. Entrada A Certain Patch of Grass
Sept 9 Robin Vandenberg Herrnfeld Three Wishes–A Fairytale
Sept 10 Avis Hickman-Gibb All the Continents of the Sun
Sept 11 Deven D Atkinson Becoming Cottontail
Sept 12 Gay Degani Stranger on the Porch
Sept 13 Tommy B. Smith The Eric Jones Show
Sept 14 Erin M. Kinch A Castle in the Clouds
Sept 15 Anna Schwind Another Boot
Sept 16 Celeste Goschen A Beautiful Lie
Sept 17 M.Sherlock Crossing the Bridge
Sept 18 Kevin Shamel Double Virginity
Sept 19 Sylvia Spruck Wrigley The Banshee
Sept 20 Selena Thomason The Cat Won’t Stop Playing
Sept 21 Bill Ward The Unbelievable Non-Adventures of Gasbert and Zephyr
Sept 22 Frank Roger Complete Understanding
Sept 23 Megan Arkenberg Ghouls
Sept 24 Lenora Rain-Lee Good A Pitiful Face
Sept 25 Sarah Hilary Tuesdays and Thursdays
Sept 26 Jens Rushing Blankenship & Dawes in: Chrono-Conundrum!
Sept 27 Anne Marie Gomez Lester’s Lucky Day
Sept 28 BD Wilson Zalophus Philosophy
Sept 29 R. L. Copple The Carpool
Sept 30 Mari Ness The Shoes
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