Podcast EDF090: Lolita’s Lynch Mob • by Sarah Hilary • read by M.Sherlock

Listen to “Lolita’s Lynch Mob” by Sarah Hilary, read by M.Sherlock:

Sarah Hilary won the Sense Creative Award in 2010, and the Fish Criminally Short Histories Prize in 2008. Her fiction appears in The Fish Anthology, Smokelong Quarterly, and in the Crime Writers’ Association anthology, MO: Crimes of Practice. In 2011, she received an Honourable Mention in the Tom-Gallon Trust Award. In 2012, she launched Flashbang, a crime writing contest in association with CrimeFest. Sarah is currently committing a crime novel. Her agent is Jane Gregory.

M.Sherlock is a Fitness Professional and currently full-time M.E patient with plenty of time for talking to his cat, and writing stories.

“Lolita’s Lynch Mob” by Sarah Hilary was originally published on September 3, 2007.


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