Podcast EDF080: The Most Epicly Awesomest Story! Ever!! • by Randy Henderson • read by Folly Blaine

Listen to “The Most Epicly Awesomest Story! Ever!!” by Randy Henderson, read by Folly Blaine:

Framdar’s tale was intentionally written as an example of writing that is so bad it makes you laugh (or at least groan a lot). Randy Henderson‘s fiction has been spotted frolicking in places like Realms of Fantasy, Escape Pod, and the M-Brane anthology 2020 Visions. He is a Clarion West graduate, a relapsed sarcasm addict, and milkshake connoisseur.

Folly Blaine is a writer living in the Pacific Northwest.

“The Most Epicly Awesomest Story! Ever!!” by Randy Henderson was originally published on May 16, 2011.

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