Quivering, shivering, and yipping because he was too small to bark properly, Pepito looked over the balcony where his owner, a socialite so thin and blond she was interchangeable with any socialite or starlet of the era, had tossed herself over the edge.  She was dressed in her finest and most revealing clothes; her g-string alone cost more than the average salary in America.  She was so emaciated that the zombie horde didn’t know what to do with her — there was no flesh to eat.

Pepito stopped whimpering and ripped himself out of his pink mink ballerina outfit before running to the open bedroom door. Pepito sniffed but only smelled the normal stink of sex, booze, urine, vomit and… the ferret.

The ferret was the socialite’s latest addition to her menagerie, an albino. Now its fur was streaked red and its eyes, once a pink that matched their mistress’s Hello Kitty Purrfectly Cute Contacts™, were glazed in white death.

“Yip!” Pepito said. He sensed something was wrong.

The ferret opened its mouth and coughed up an ear. It belonged to the kinkajou.

Pepito wet himself.

The ferret lunged.

Pepito dodged and skidded. His Pretty Princess Nail Polish™ didn’t allow for much traction on the marbled floor. The ferret ran after Pepito. Pepito bared his teeth and tried so hard to bark he almost blew a lung.

The ferret grabbed Pepito’s neck and Pepito felt the warmth of his blood pulsate from his tiny body. He tried to shake the ferret off, but the ferret began to thrash about in undead fury. Pepito’s head slammed into the wall and he blacked out. When he came to, the ferret had released its grip and was chewing on a chunk of Pepito’s neck. Pepito tried hard to focus. The mistress’s shoes were strewn about, if he ran without looking he’d bump into something. But he knew he had to try. Pepito heard the clacking of his toenails on the marble while he began to move — so did the ferret. With what little force he had Pepito grabbed the ferret with his teeth and threw him across the room. The ferret landed on the steel heel of a Manolo.

Pepito felt his lifeblood running from him but tried to flee. He got to the top of the stairs and almost fainted. Behind him he heard a heavy clunking. He looked and saw the ferret, heel through its neck, coming after him. The ferret lunged and caught Pepito. Together they tumbled down the stairs, a mass of fur and blood. Pepito blacked out for a second time. When he awoke, he had the glazed eyes of the undead. He looked over at the ferret and yipped an undead yip. The ferret answered, an undead reply something along the lines of, “Get this fucking shoe out of my neck already.” Pepito managed to pull it out and together they went to greet the rest of their dead mistress’s pets.

Victorya currently has works in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine, Necrotic Tissue, and various anthologies. You can read more of her Zooicides at

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