PATERNALISMS • by saintsally

So there was this boy I knew. I didn’t exactly, you know, know him, but he went to my school, okay? And then one day it was all over the papers that he’d shot his dad, and I thought, Wow, how sad and horrible and angry would you have to be to kill your own dad? There was a huge court battle, and my mom got called to be a jury member but she declined cos… I can’t remember. I think she was too sad; whenever she talked about it she got a sad little faraway look in her eyes so I didn’t ask. Anyway, I guess he went to jail, but that’s not the point of this story.

Point is, I don’t have a dad. So I figure, what a waste. If he’d hated his dad so much he shoulda just given him to me. I’d’ve appreciated it. Some people ain’t so lucky as to have a dad they can shoot.

saintsally can read and write, but tries not to be a snob about it.

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