October’s Table of Contents

A Look Back

Well, we’ve nearly reached the end of Every Day Fiction’s first month in operation, and on behalf of the team here at EDF, we’d like to thank you for your support, both in terms of the number of submissions we’ve received and the number of readers who faithfully comment on every story. You guys help are helping to develop EDF into a vibrant community of fiction lovers. And you’ve helped us grow! In our first month, we’ve attracted nearly 700 daily subscribers and over 20,000 unique visitors who’ve commented nearly 600 times!

Every Day Fiction is constantly developing. This month, we introduced the EDF Forums, which we hope will become a meeting place where lovers of fiction can come together to discuss their favorite topics and stories. For writers, we have “Brag” sections, as well as an area where you can promote your work. We have also created an area where you can post feedback to the editors. Want more fantasy in EDF? Literary Fiction? Post it here.

What was your favorite story of September 2007?
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October’s Table of Contents

EDF’s Table of Contents for October will see the return of some of your favorite authors, including Sarah Hilary, Andrew LeBlanc, and Jeanne Holtzman. We’re also going to be welcoming new authors such as Walter Giersbach, Robert J. Santa, and Louise Campbell. Once again, we’ve got a great mix of stories, but feel free to use the category links on the right side of the page to display only stories from your favorite genre.

To get you in the mood for Halloween, EDF will be featuring four days of horror, starting on October 28th and culminating with Scott M. Sandridge’s twisted story, “Shadows”, on the 31st.

Oct 1 Andrew LeBlanc Dirty Laundry
Oct 2 Jeanne Holtzman Take Five
Oct 3 Jennifer Berney A Tryst
Oct 4 Ramon Rozas III Security Question
Oct 5 Daniel Ausema Stellar Roulette
Oct 6 Juleigh Howard-Hobson The Curious Case of Phillip Fletcher
Oct 7 James Boone Dryden More than Love
Oct 8 K. A. Patterson Vanity
Oct 9 Oonah Joslin Conscious Decision
Oct 10 Tania Hershman Fish-Filled Sea
Oct 11 Rumjhum Biswas Fillial Ties
Oct 12 S. L. Bickey Broomcorn
Oct 13 Frank Roger Out of Sight
Oct 14 Steve Goble Tell’s Choice
Oct 15 Walter Giersbach Dreaded Conversation
Oct 16 Beth Langford Glass
Oct 17 Avis Hickman-Gibb Crossing the Line
Oct 18 Jude-Marie Green Methodology
Oct 19 Gayla Chaney Fishing Lesson
Oct 20 James Hartley Buying a Carton of Milk
Oct 21 Bill Vernon Break
Oct 22 Stephanie Scarborough Brimstone and Liars
Oct 23 Rob Santa For Cabbages and Ale
Oct 24 Michelle Klein Stolen Kiss
Oct 25 Camille Alexa The Colony Captain’s Journal
Oct 26 Louise Campbell Sea Change
Oct 27 Clyde Andrews Immortal Tapestry
Oct 28 Anthony J. Rapino The Lost Little Girl
Oct 29 Sarah Hilary The Ravages of Tim
Oct 30 Nicholas Ozment Behind the Curtain
Oct 31 Scott M. Sandridge Shadows
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