October’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

October brings autumn, fireworks, Canadian Thanksgiving, and Halloween.

It also brings something new to EDF: have you heard of Patreon? It’s a unique new way to support creative endeavours through a patronage model enhanced with goals, rewards, interaction, and the potential to do a lot of great things — visit our Patreon page to see what it’s all about. Our stories will remain free to read for all, but we need our readers, fans, and friends to step up and help out. If you enjoy EDF’s stories, if you benefit at all from what we do for the reading and writing community, please consider pledging a monthly dollar (less than the price of a coffee!) so that we can keep publishing stories for you. We need support to keep going.

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For Readers

We always do a week of Halloween stories, and this year is no exception. We’re starting with “Halloween Stray” by Holly Geely on October 27th, and then following up with a trio of stories by long-time EDF contributors Paul A. Freeman, Patrick Perkins, and Douglas Campbell. We’ll wrap up our string of stories on October 31st with “Halloween Coming Out” by Jeff Switt.

For Writers

We have a lot of staff changes this month. First of all, Rose Gardener has been promoted to editor for her consistent good judgement, hard work, and being an incredible asset to our team — congratulations, Rose! In less happy news, editorial assistant Sealey Andrews has moved on to other things and will be sorely missed — best wishes, Sealey, and good luck in all you do. Returning to a positive note, though, we have two new slush readers joining us: Lisa Finch and Michael Boettcher. We’re also bringing Alex Jones on board as our new podcast manager, so that’s super exciting as well. We’ll be getting the staff page updated over the next few days to cover all these changes…

Please send us your stories for Thanksgiving (US), Guy Fawkes Day, Remembrance Day / Veterans Day, and Diwali now (we need them by October 27th at the latest), and we’re also looking at general fall/early winter pieces at this point. We’re also ready to start seeing festive season stories for December… Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Winter Solstice, Festivus, and anything else you can think of.

And now, on to the list of stories for the coming month…

October’s Table of Contents

Oct 1 Lucy Gregg Muir A Selkie Misplaced
Oct 2 Alexander Burns Iron Privateers
Oct 3 Rob Essley Away to Rajasthan
Oct 4 Alexis A. Hunter That’s Blood
Oct 5 K. S. O’Neill Forgotten
Oct 6 Shane Halbach And That, My Children, Is Why We Can’t Go to Space Anymore
Oct 7 Esmi Rowan Nothing To Be Afraid Of
Oct 8 Dave Seaman Dark Joy
Oct 9 Peter Wood There is a Season
Oct 10 Anna Zumbro The Weight
Oct 11 K.B. Sluss Take the Risk
Oct 12 Jason Thomas The Amazing Jimmy
Oct 13 Andy Spiegel Humphrey’s Debut
Oct 14 Connie Cockrell Baby’s On The Roof
Oct 15 Wilma Bernard Tennyson Hess
Oct 16 Julianne DiNenna Recipes
Oct 17 SMNilsen A Very Long Ride
Oct 18 Derek McMillan The Best of Pies
Oct 19 Eliza Archer The Wizard of Ordinary Things
Oct 20 Susanne Chapman Very Disappointing
Oct 21 Helen de Búrca The Tightrope
Oct 22 Moriah Geer-Hardwick Reason Abandoned
Oct 23 Sean Jones Shades of Denial
Oct 24 H. L. Cassel With Polish
Oct 25 Glenn Rosado Gifted
Oct 26 Chaz Josephs I Don’t Want You to Go
Oct 27 Holly Geely Halloween Stray
Oct 28 Paul A. Freeman Farmer Leon’s Pumpkin Patch
Oct 29 Patrick Perkins Trick or Treat
Oct 30 Douglas Campbell The Useless Shovel
Oct 31 Jeff Switt Halloween Coming Out
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