October’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Here we are in October again, with Halloween treats on display everywhere, and the sound of firecrackers in the evenings (at least, we have that unmistakeable October sound here… I’m not sure how common it is elsewhere).

And in the spirit of small treats… from now until Friday (October 4th), go to everyday.tomely.com/redeem and enter the download code TREAT1013 for a free e-book — Lifting Up Veronica by K.C. Ball — available in both mobi (Kindle) and epub (Nook, Kobo, Sony, iBooks) formats. This download code will not work after Friday, so don’t wait. Happy reading!

For Readers

On October 13th, we are featuring “Hand in Glove” by Shawna Mayer for Canadian Thanksgiving; it’s maybe not what you’d expect from a harvest holiday story, but then, October is a month for horror too.

For the week leading up to Halloween, we have a handful of mood-setting pieces for you, wrapping up on October 31st with “Kind Strangers” by Jeff Jeppesen.

For Writers

We’re looking for some stories for Remembrance Day/Veterans Day/Armistice Day and American Thanksgiving coming up in November (deadline October 27th, please), and we’re ready to look at your Christmas stories too.

And with all that said, here it is:

October’s Table of Contents

Oct 1 George S. Walker Local Woman Is 69 But Looks 21
Oct 2 Cathie Menon Silent Songs
Oct 3 Cheryl S. Levinson Muscles
Oct 4 William L Stolley In the Beginning
Oct 5 Darci Schummer The Aquarium
Oct 6 Rebecca Birch The Underground
Oct 7 Ken Poyner Justice
Oct 8 Rasmenia Massoud Weird Girl
Oct 9 Dani Ripley Little Fish
Oct 10 Eric Robert Nolan The Silver Leaf
Oct 11 Mickey J. Corrigan Try Hard
Oct 12 Ray Bradnock Crumbs…
Oct 13 Shawna Mayer Hand in Glove
Oct 14 Ed Kratz So This Frog Goes Psst!
Oct 15 Joe Zabel The Secret
Oct 16 Sarah Salway How He Likes Me to Dress
Oct 17 Eliza Archer Adam Mann
Oct 18 Jason Marc Harris Why We Eat the Dead
Oct 19 Ben M. Wolk Snapshot of a Bureaucrat
Oct 20 Ellen Hiller A Different Kind Of Reality
Oct 21 Lynn Nicholas Mi Amore
Oct 22 JR Hume Speed Demon and Clockwork Dancer
Oct 23 Nicholas Mathewson Radio Tower
Oct 24 Richard J. Dowling Slowpoke
Oct 25 Isabella David All Find Safety in the Tomb
Oct 26 Jim Malcolm A Voyage to Remember
Oct 27 Clinton Lawrence The Road to Pitts Creek
Oct 28 Stephen Ornes How the World Ended
Oct 29 Peter Wood The Grim Rufus
Oct 30 Madeline Mora-Summonte Maybe Someday
Oct 31 Jeff Jeppesen Kind Strangers
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