October’s Table of Contents

editorial by Camille Gooderham Campbell

From the Editors

Fall weather is upon us in the Northern Hemisphere, and with that comes good things like pumpkin pie and Thanksgiving (it’s in October in Canada!) and Halloween treats. And of course snuggling up with a book (or e-reader, or computer screen, or… well, you know). There’s something about autumn weather that’s just perfect for getting cozy with stories old and new.

Speaking of books, if you like poetry, Every Day Poets now has their second anthology out; pick up The Best of Every Day Poets Two for a fine selection of short poetry, with some names you may recognize from EDF. Also, we regret to report the passing of an Every Day poet — In Memoriam: William Dexter Wade.

For Readers

Sorry, no Thanksgiving stories for our Canadian readers this month — we didn’t get any in! — but we wish you happy feasting anyway.

When we can, it’s always a pleasure to be able to offer stories touching on traditions and occasions from different cultures, religions and countries. This month, for Eid al-Adha, we have “Uncle Fida’s Eid” by Sarah Crysl Akhtar on October 26th.

After that, we’re into a run of Halloween mood-setting, with stories by J.L. Smith, Jessica George, Gretchen Bassier, and Emily C. Skaftun, wrapping up on October 31st with “Thirsty?” by Jennifer Ripley as our Halloween story.

For Writers

We’re still looking for some Thanksgiving stories for November, and we’re ready to start looking at your winter holiday stories for December too.

Also, the Animism Collaborative Fiction Competition is still open for entries — and yes, it is open to everyone; the “you must be a resident of Canada” thing was an error that has since been rectified, so jump in and go for it. And even if you’re not up for entering the competition, it’s worth checking out just to read the fine stories already written for The Book of Emissaries by Kevin J. Anderson, Cat Rambo, Nick Mamatas, and more. Wouldn’t you like to be published in a book with them, though?

October’s Table of Contents

Oct 1 Douglas Hackle A Reeaaaal Badass Muthafucka
Oct 2 George Kuato Self-Portrait
Oct 3 Adam Renn Olenn Postcard
Oct 4 Konstantine Paradias Treading the Grass
Oct 5 Milo James Fowler Darker Ever After
Oct 6 Jeffrey A Ballard Leeching Bad Blood
Oct 7 Danielle Posner Sykes Trebarwith Strand
Oct 8 Jennifer Campbell-Hicks Father Francis and His Mechanical Bees
Oct 9 Matthew Wells Smaller Than A Glovebox
Oct 10 Dale Ivan Smith Serenity or Sails
Oct 11 L. M. Myles Shapes
Oct 12 Randy Whittaker Buster
Oct 13 Tori Bond Mom’s Club
Oct 14 Stephen Ray The Edge
Oct 15 Richard J. Dowling The It Girl
Oct 16 Garrett Ray Harriman The Flame
Oct 17 Pippa Cooper Selkie
Oct 18 Wayne Scheer Neighborly Concern
Oct 19 Gerald Warfield Bang!
Oct 20 JR Hume The Writer’s Curse
Oct 21 Arif Khan The Golem
Oct 22 Eric Del Carlo Which Lagoon Was It, Again?
Oct 23 Paul A. Freeman Hunted
Oct 24 Jakob Drud A Breath of Wheat
Oct 25 Robert Swartwood Rags to Riches
Oct 26 Sarah Crysl Akhtar Uncle Fida’s Eid
Oct 27 J.L. Smith Ossuary
Oct 28 Jessica George Cold Grey
Oct 29 Gretchen Bassier The Pumpkin Master
Oct 30 Emily C. Skaftun 10 Things to Do in Los Angeles After You Die
Oct 31 Jennifer Ripley Thirsty?
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