October’s Table of Contents

From The Editors

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For Readers

October brings you stories for both Fire Prevention Week and Halloween.

Fire Prevention Week runs from the 3rd to the 9th, and you’ll notice some fire-related titles during that week: “Fire Safety” by Matt Cowens, “No Smoke Without Fire” by Debbie Cowens, and “After the Fire” by Stef Hall. Enjoy the stories, check your fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, and thank a firefighter.

For Halloween, we have a chilling week-long selection of suspense and horror pieces for you, leading up to “Spider” by Tom Kepler on the 31st. Trick or treat!

For Writers

We’re still looking for some Remembrance Day/Veterans’ Day pieces for November, as well as Thanksgiving, and we’re also starting to think about December’s lineup, so send us your holiday pieces now too.

We also have a change in our slush reading team. Laura Crowe and Michelle Jager have moved on to other things and will be much missed, and Adrienne Bard has just joined us. We do need at least one more slush reader, though, so get your application in if you’d like to give slush reading a try.

All of that said, make the most of your month’s ration of Halloween candy — love those mini chocolate bars! — and eat them with a good story.

October’s Table of Contents

Oct 1 Zoe Palmer Space to Breathe
Oct 2 Lynsey Miller Mine
Oct 3 Sarah Evans Being Bold
Oct 4 Matt Cowens Fire Safety
Oct 5 Leigh Kimmel The End of Her Line
Oct 6 Debbie Cowens No Smoke Without Fire
Oct 7 A.L. Sirois Closed System
Oct 8 Stef Hall After The Fire
Oct 9 C.L. Holland The Girl With the Clockwork Heart
Oct 10 Felicia Aguilar Brutal Truths
Oct 11 Robert Schladale That’s A Promise
Oct 12 Ben Langdon The Girl On The Beach
Oct 13 KJ Kabza How the Snake Got the Fork in His Tongue
Oct 14 Rasmenia Massoud House Cleaning
Oct 15 Robert Edward Sullivan Level Up
Oct 16 Rachel J Bailey The Golden Toad
Oct 17 TFAhan Panhandle Oil Rig
Oct 18 Stephanie King Siren Song
Oct 19 Carmela Starace And They Called It Puppy Love
Oct 20 Erin Lawless Succubus
Oct 21 Liz Penn One Step Behind
Oct 22 Martin Brick The Perils of Thoughtful…
Oct 23 Alex Shvartsman Good Advice
Oct 24 AJ Smith Never Tell
Oct 25 John Impey The Trial Of The Flea
Oct 26 Nathaniel Johnson Bullyboys
Oct 27 Autumn Humphrey The Valley of Death
Oct 28 Meghna Pant Family Dinner
Oct 29 Jessica George Fresh Snow
Oct 30 JR Hume The Condemned Man
Oct 31 Tom Kepler Spider
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