October’s Table of Contents

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For Readers:

Welcome to another  edition of Every Day Fiction!

In honour of Halloween, EDF continues its tradition of offering a wealth of horror stories to get you in the mood.  This year’s Halloween spectacular  features  work by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley, Tels Merrick and  niddy, leading up to Kyle White’s trick-or-treat horror piece, “Sweet Bite”, on the 31st.

On a completely different note,  Every Day Fiction needs your help!!!

Last month, slush reader Scott Cosby had to take indefinite leave due to health issues, and this month Elise Palmer has found that her studies are more strenuous than she’d expected. That leaves us with no slush readers, which is where you come in!

If you are passionate about reading and would like a say in the kind of fiction EDF publishes, this is your opportunity to join our team. Slush readers at EDF are unpaid, but it’s great experience and we’re a fun team to work with.  You don’t need to be a writer to read slush, but if you are, in addition to giving back to the writing community, reading and critiquing a high volume of unfiltered work certainly helps to improve your writing. You learn what works–and what doesn’t!  One caveat: we never publish our own work and cannot consider submissions from  current slush readers. Camille and I are both  writers as well as editors, but our work will never appear on this site. We do, however, like to think  having a credit from EDF on our resumes has opened some doors, and it could do so for you as well. Click here for details on the job and how to apply.

Finally,  EDF would like to thank  Erica Naone  and Deven Atkinson  for their generous donations. It’s with the support of our generous readers that EDF is able to continue bringing fine fiction into your inbox without charging a subscription fee.

For Writers:

Some of you may have noticed a slow-down in the speed at which we respond to your submissions. We apologize. Our Managing Editor, Jordan Lapp, got married and went on an extended honeymoon, and we lost both our slush readers. We’ve made a real attempt to whittle down the backlog of submissions, but it’s a battle. We hope to be back to normal by the middle of October.

Finally, Forum Moderator KC Ball reports that stories from the EDF Writing Group are seeing their way into print.

The Banshee by Sylvia Spruck Wrigley was in Every Day Fiction this month; Dave MacPherson has a nifty tale about a sea serpent and some art students coming in October in Abacort Journal and KC Ball’s flash, Stand and Deliver, was just accepted at Boston Literary Magazine.

If you would like to join this growing group, please contact us.

October’s Table of Contents

Oct 1 Kevin Jewell Enter Not
Oct 2 Barry Davis Devil Do
Oct 3 Rumjhum Biswas My Daughter
Oct 4 Dave MacPherson Gallery Four
Oct 5 Jason Stout The Unstoppable Evelyn McHale, May 1, 1947
Oct 6 Oonah V Joslin You Must Remember This
Oct 7 Richard Lamb The Watch
Oct 8 Kevin Shamel Outlast the Stars
Oct 9 Amy Corbin The Adoption
Oct 10 Brian Dolton Weaving Fancies For The Children
Oct 11 Acquanetta M. Sproule Dern Spot
Oct 12 Sarah Black Pies of God
Oct 13 Milan Smith Sasha’s Knee
Oct 14 Douglas Campbell Forlorn Hope Fancy
Oct 15 Jonathan Pinnock Visiting Time
Oct 16 K.C. Ball In His Prime
Oct 17 Celeste Goschen Life Without Jerry
Oct 18 Stephanie Siebert Greedy
Oct 19 Robin Vandenberg Hernfield Sea Shell
Oct 20 Alexander Burns Apotheosis Cake
Oct 21 Joshua Reynolds Rush Hour
Oct 22 Nuala Ní­ Chonchúir Roy Lichtenstein’s Nudes In A Mirror: We Are Not Fake!
Oct 23 Sarah Hilary Revenge of the River Gods
Oct 24 Ann M. Pino End Times
Oct 25 Erin M. Kinch A Million Faces
Oct 26 Iggy Smythe Any Rapport In A Storm
Oct 27 Jim Harrington The Kiss
Oct 28 Sylvia Spruck Wrigley Darren Is Updating His Facebook Status
Oct 29 Tels Merrick All of My Heart
Oct 30 niddy Monster in the Attic
Oct 31 Kyle White Sweet Bite
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