OCTOBER MOON • by Jerry W. Hawkins


Dispatcher: 9-1-1. What’s your emergency?

Caller: Lord… help… you gotta help.

Dispatcher: Sir, please calm down. I need —

Caller: She’s… I don’t know what. She was… she was down there. I put her there…

(Sounds of banging.)

Dispatcher: Sir, what is your location.

Caller: I’m at… no… no you can’t send the cops. But you gotta help. She’s… I don’t know what she is.

Dispatcher: Sir, I can’t help you unless you give me more information. Please tell me —

(Sound of loud crash. Wood or furniture breaking.)

Caller: Oh shit. She’s… it… out. Got out of the basement.

Dispatcher: Who was in the basement, sir?

(Sounds of furniture or other items being thrown.)

Caller: Oh God! No!

(Loud screams and growls.)

Dispatcher: Sir, I was able to trace your call. Officers are on their way. Sir? Sir?

(A growl. Then the line goes silent.)


Fresno Bee: October 9, 1984

October’s full moon brought out insanity as a frantic 9-1-1 call led to a startling discovery last night in a rural area just outside the city limits.

The call was received from an individual who is believed to be the homeowner, one Charles Martins. Mr. Martins called 9-1-1 in the early hours of the night reporting that someone was in his basement. The call was cut off after the dispatcher heard screams and what may have sounded like some type of animal.

Officers arrived to find Mr. Martins’ mutilated corpse in the living room of the home. The official press release states that the victim appears to have been mauled by a pack of feral dogs which has been spotted in the surrounding farmlands.

However, a source, on the condition of anonymity, stated that Mr. Martin’s body was not the worst of what officers found. The basement contained shackles bolted to the cement walls and racks which contained instruments of torture. And, posed around a table as if they were dinner guests, were the mummified remains of what appear to be several young women. The source went on to say that Mr. Martins is now the prime suspect in the rash of disappearances which have plagued Fresno and the surrounding area over the past twelve months. (continued on A13)

Jerry W. Hawkins is a writer with a day job. He lives in California’s Central Valley with his wife, who works very hard to keep him in line. He has more kids (one biological, the rest by marriage/relationships) than he can count. He also has enough grandkids to form a rather strange-looking football team. He blames them for the grey hair on his head and in his beard.

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